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Hong Kong Expat Stories: 25 HKD$ Food supply

Hong Kong is one of the most expensive cities in the world. I’m sure those budget savy tourists like me are having a hard time keeping track with their budget when they’re here! Today I am going to share some tips that might help you save  more HKD$ and still having your stomach full. Breaking the bank will never solve your problem, it will only make things worst. So for my 1st blog post allow me to share how I did my 25 HKD$ below food trip today. 

Disclaimer: For drinks, I brought water with me throughout the day.  My photos aren’t in order, more foodie shots can be found on my instagram acct: @annetours

(Onigiri/ Rice balls)

Breakfast : 6 HKD$

The moment I woke up today, I decided to cut down my budget with food since I knew I had to go around places and visit it for the coming days. Taxi and regular commute can be a bit pricey, so for my breakfast I only had Cup noodles & canned coffee which was around HKD$ from the 711 

Lunch: 13 HKD$

(Japanese sushi)

For lunch I had Japanese foods. My goal for the day was to roam around Central, Hong Kong. IFC mall was one of the biggest and well known malls in the Island.

 I found the City Super which can be found at the 2nd floor of the building. Here you’ll find all kinds of Go to grab meals! I loved their Japanese food, so I strongly recommend these meals for you too .After a long walk, surely the Onigiri / Rice balls had my stomach full without emptying my wallet. I got the healthy tasty meal  for 13HKD$ Only.
Dinner: 6 HKD$

I came back from a long tiring day with a full stomach still, the cold freezing weather made me crave for another hot soup, which I found at another convenience store near our Hotel. Spent 6HKD$ only for my dinner. Went to bed with a full & satisfied belly and a happy wallet for the my next adventures tomorrow & the rest of my stay in Hong Kong.

I’ll have to cut this blog for a while. This blog only applies to those who are budget savy & not for the luxury travelers. I will be blogging more Expat stories during my stay in Hong Kong for the next more days, stay tuned for both the luxury & budget tips. 


Fashion post might be up on the blog for the next more days too. 😊 

Shout out to budget Travelers! Hope you find this quick read helpful for your next trips. 

Featured Convenience store: 711 (open 24 hrs) & City Super

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