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“Why Do We Blog?”

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Posting this for the benefit of the students doing Thesis with topics related to “Blogs & bloggers”


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1. To Share:

Blogger’s blog because they want to share their experiences with the interested community, to strangers who might find their write-up useful in their life circumstances.



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2. To Express:

Personally I Blog because I can clearly express my emotions through writing & share how I felt during a certain trip, how such place… resto, cafe, resort, hotel, attraction, made me feel. My aim is to bring my readers to travel different places through words.



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3. To give life to words:

Blogger’s blog because they want to transform that adrenaline rush in to words and fill the blanks in their readers mind.


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4. To Provide awareness & help businesses grow:

I personally blog to inform the public the latest trends about travel & fashion industry. I do this to help my fellow business owners publicize the good in their products, the best in their craft.


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5. To Engage & For engagement:


Not for Fame, but for engagement. (Truth be told: Fame is just the “Bonus” part of blogging, but not the ultimate reason.)Likes & comments give us bloggers the ability to track our number of readers. Less likes means we are not as effective as we hope we could be. “To Engage” means to Inspire more people to travel, to dress well & be best in their chosen profession. “For engagement” means we blogger’s are writing because we believe this is our purpose, to take good care of our readers, to guide them (may it be travel, fashion or inspirational articles) through our write-ups.


This is why we blog. This is why we’re born.

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