What Social media detoxification did to me?

What Social media detoxification did to me?


I’ve recently felt like social media has been pressuring people to impress each other and subconsciously been suggesting to be perfect, that to me is toxic. We have to be honest, no one is perfect and that’s what makes us all beautiful. Social media should be a platform to inspire humanity to believe in something they can, instead of stressing people out on “How to be…” or “What to be…”.

Letting the sun fade out in the starry dark sky (A real picture of how I chose my life to be these past weeks)…It was my choice to slowly deviate my self from the noise brought by the human race. It was my personal choice to keep my mind travel through books and imagination.

Working as a social media influencer is tough, it requires us to look pleasing and impress people with our appearance. That was the trend which I had to follow for a while, but that wasn’t my goal… I knew from the very beginning that my main purpose for blogging was not to impress people but rather to push them with their dreams and to create stories that may inspire young dreamers of our society through travel, style and beautiful stories.

When I started entering this industry, I’ve already promised my self that my aim is to inspire people to believe in their dreams and be passionate of whatever it is that they like doing.

In order to do that, I had social media detoxification. I EXCUSED MY SELF FROM BEING ACTIVE ONLINE AND HAD TO RECONNECT WITH MY SELF OFFLINE…I found my self. ❤️

Yes, I’ve been keeping my self away from social media and have randomly read nonfictional books, travelled without showing it off online and talked to people.

During my online absence, I’ve had things back on track and felt my heart beating once again for words and stories that matter. I’ve met my self in silence and have regained values which I opt to share with you all in the coming days. One thing I’d like you all to appreciate is being imperfect, this is what makes you learn from mistakes, makes you better & stronger and that is beautiful.

So today, I’m telling the world that I’ve finally got it all right. I got my self back and I’m off to a beautiful start.

This post goes out to all the people who felt like things aren’t working and out of control. Stop pressuring yourself, you’re actually doing great and you’re on the process of being honed into the person you’ve always dreamed to be. Breathe, take a rest if you’re exhausted and enjoy the process…You’re almost there. 🙂

If you think you have to, then go on social media detoxification… by then you’ll regain a part of your self back and start a beautiful beginning.

Levy Amosin
✈️: www.instagram.com/levyamosin
📧: hugginghorizons@gmail.com

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