Secrets of making it from Dreams to Reality


I am a victim of this judgmental society too, but that didn’t stop me from following my heart and reaching my dreams. Most of my readers find my life inspiring and see me as a fighter, however some people would tend to hate what I do and what I’ve become because of being too honest and for loving my life way too much. As part of the new media, it is my job to broadcast most of the things I am affiliated with as well as my emotions attached to each event I’m currently invited in. Being personal with my blog however may come out too strong for some and might be misinterpreted as boasting or might even give them false impressions of who I really am.

Allow me to introduce my self to you in this blog entry. I am a dreamer and a strong believer that our passions will bring us to our ultimate purpose in this world, for which I believe would be our best profession. I am not here to force anyone to believe what I believe in, what I’m actually pointing out here is to give your self a chance to find who you really are. Once you’ve found your purpose, you’ll then find real happiness.

Life is a constant change, nothing is sure. Investing time and effort on things you find practical also has a possibility of bringing us failure and devastation. Solution? Might as well give your dreams a chance. Failure isn’t actually a destination, it’s a concept built by fear. For me, no one would fail until the moment they chose to give up.

You might be thinking where will this blog entry take you? This my dear contains my journey—a transcript of my talk when I got invited as a speaker on Business in traveling arranged by UP Diliman School of Economics. If you wanna know more about my life, struggles and how I reached this point…Feel free to read until the end.


Transcript: Secrets of making it from dreams to reality- A talk on travel entrepreneurship 


“Am I worthy? I asked my self when I received an email not for an event nor to promote something on social media but rather to inspire the students of UP Diliman and share my story.

It was around 9 AM in the morning when I first read the email, I pinched myself numerous times, before officially sharing it with the rest of our family.

I took a good stare at the walls of my room thinking how do I even begin to explain and introduce my self to you all. But then in my universe the tides of life drastically changes and eventually drifts me away from my original plan. So might as well take the risk. I thought maybe this world has been hitting me real hard, might as well I share how I managed to swim, survive, breathe and reach this point.


Who am I?

Let me start by sharing a few details about my life. I am Levy Anne Amosin, a visionary, dreamer and a strong believer that your passion is the best profession. You may not get the right amount of wisdom from me compared to what you have learned from this prestigious university.

But what I can share with you in a span of time given to me aren’t found on your books nor can you google it. Today what I can give you are values, principles and stories of a girl who once dreamed and has finally found a way on making it her reality.

I am standing in front of you all, because this is now my reality. A few years back I had no access to this, not even one. But how is it possible that I made it? That’s because of the secrets I will share with you along this talk.


When did my passion for traveling began?


The professions of my parents kindled my love for travel. My mom was once a medical representative and very much business minded too. My father on the other hand was a Seaman. I came from a middle class family and my parent’s professions led me to begin my relationship with travel at four years old. We were always transferring from one place to another, you can imagine my life as a #Nomad back when it was no trend yet. Back when internet and social media were just dreams and far from reality.

I even had 4 different schools in elementary ( I was the queen of “New enrolee(s)”. I can still recall being asked to introduce my self in class countless times to different children for which I cannot even recall who they are anymore. Lol.

Transfering from Iloilo city with Hiligaynon as their language then back to Manila to transfer to another school with Tagalog as the means of communication—back to Iloilo again and vise versa. (My parents bought residential houses in Manila and Iloilo, so it became easy for us to transfer from one place to another. The hard part was adjusting to people’s culture and the struggle understanding where do I really belong?)

My late Uncle (Tito) was an american who happened to be an expat in Hong Kong. He was one of the Incorporator and weaved the biggest sailing festival in the Philippines based in Iloilo City under the brand Paraw Regatta. From him I had the glimpse of luxury and experienced a bit of high-end lifestyle. From my Tito Jonathan Grant, I started hugging the ocean which led me to crave more of the sea.

Transfering from one place to another made it hard for me to adopt and even deprived me from making long term friendships. At a very young age I had to be tough on the inside as I was always alone in almost every situation. It was challenging but I wasn’t sad. I even fell in love with traveling. It became my best friend. From traveling I felt belongingness, it gave me experiences I wouldn’t learn from school. My childhood thought me how to standout instead of trying so hard to blend in. I guess this brought me to the real essence of being an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are born to stand out, make new ideas and lead the way —not to fit in and follow the orders of the society. We make products for the society and we are born with that gift.


How I Started? — hugginghorizons.com + ACF Travel Agency was born.

In college I had 4 different colleges and universities. I had masters in university hoping. (MAPUA Intramuros, Cross enrolled to get units for UP Manila, transferred to Colegio de san juan de Letran Manila to finally finish and get that degree of Communication in St. Paul University Iloilo). In between those years of university hoping, I enrolled my self in ABSCBN Starmagic Workshop (Adult acting class bacth 2012) and had to sleep at the fast food chain till morning so I could go home safely after shooting and show business stuff like that.



I did apply for a job and got employed as a government employee in Iloilo City. But everything felt uneasy, I was sad and feeling empty. Mama on the other hand was busy putting up ACF Travel Agency and our franchise of Expresspay center. My mother convinced me to handle the business but I refused and insisted on finding my own path and applied online as a travel blogger fo an Australian Company. Part of my job was to create a Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram account for my own brand to qualify and get paid for the job. (Little did I know this was the beginning of my life changing journey— Hugginghorizons.com was born. )


Misfortunes are blessings in disguise 

A few weeks after getting accepted for the online job as a blogger. The Australian website died. Again, I was left with nothing but the social media accounts for Hugging Horizons . Devastated as I was that day, I posted something about chasing dreams that caught a thousand hearts, giving the brand online media attention (a.k.a Trending post). It got a good response giving me messages from people telling me I’ve inspired themand that they’ll find their purpose as well. The post also caught the attention of both international and local brands , luxury hotels and resorts. From then on sponsors started raining. Indeed some misfortunes would lead us to the right path.


Hugging ACF Travel agency 

The blog was getting more popular and as the demand goes high, the expenditures for this job elevated up too. Most invites were from Manila and I honestly didn’t know how to fund it given that I’m currently staying in Iloilo City. This situation thought me the fact that any business will not survive without the right funding.

I took the offer of my mother to officially manage ACF Travel Agency. This played the biggest role on fulfilling my dream and making it in the blogging industry. (Time management however is the biggest challenge here. But then again nothing comes easy is worth having.)


Formula for Success

  1. Trust that promoting in your heart.
  2. Do what your instincts tells you to do with clean intentions.
  3. Be just and fair because Karma is your friend.
  4. Don’t be afraid to invest in your dreams.
  5. When you’re exhausted rest but never give up.
  6. Learn to know what’s the noise and focus on what’s important.
  7. Focus on good service than profit.
  8. Give your FAITH a chance.

Based on my  personal experience, on difficult situations, I would usually lock my self in my room, kneel down and bow my head to God , then things would start happening in front of me. I asked through prayers and begin receiving miracles. A cycle I choose to share with you all.

I’m not asking you to believe or divert your attention to any religion. What I’m revealing here is that my ultimate secret is FAITH. When you start having faith in what you do and who you are then magic happens. You’ll see the stars begin to align.

Again I am Levy Amosin, the Chief Operating Officer of ACF Travel Agency and the founder of hugginghorizons.com telling you to give your Faith a chance. That took me here and that will also take you there.”

Enjoy the rest of the photos during my talk…






P.S : You are not how others define you. YOU DEFINE WHO YOU ARE AND NO ONE ELSE CAN. ❤️🙏



Levy Amosin


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