A promise of a day some may never see

We’re not bored, we’re afraid. #Pandemic2020

I know you miss the world, the one you knew.

We’re anxious, we try hiding sadness, yet the feeling becomes overwhelming.

The struggle of staying happy is real. Keeping that smile in our faces is a challenge.


We search for motivation and drive, yet we end up asking ourselves “Why?”.

We’re living but we don’t feel alive. Home feels peculiar at times. Fear takes over and again we begin to cry.

The world is ill. Friends, strangers, countless souls leaving earth everyday. No fun, we feel helpless all the way.

To every silent hero who have fought a good fight, we owe our lives. To each person in that battle ground endlessly keeping things together. Surrender is not an option, we must survive.

It’s not easy but we’ve got to hold on. Restore our faith, try and somehow make a meaning in the poison of this world.

I may be talking of a promise of a day some may never see. Yet, as we shut our doors, before we close our eyes and go to bed at night, quietly we must kneel down, pray and talk to God. His grace is the peace in this chaos. His voice is our solid ground. Through Him we learn to trust the process of healing.
You’ll see, soon we will be more than alright. Let us take it one day at a time.

Shall we not give up on this today?

Stay safe and healthy everyone. We got this!



Levy Amosin

#FightCOVID19 #StayHomeAndPray

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