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A love story beyond technology

Its 2018. We face the world with 70% of our time looking at our phones, instead of appreciating the real world.

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We make stories everyday, we build memories and mingle with both familiar and unfamiliar faces. But how do we know we’re about to begin writing our ‘love’ story? Will there be any sign telling us its time? Will there be visible arrows striking our hearts and emoticons showing us twinkling eyes and give us signs that this time its no longer a random day, but rather something special?

Will there be unforgetable kisses instead of prolonged small talks on our social media apps taking the definition of romance to another level? Will hours matter when we start talking to that main character in our own ‘love’ story?

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You? Have you fallen deeply in love that everything felt surreal? Have you ever had your heart stolen by a stranger you met from a random day and has now become the reason you wake up everyday?

How do we write a real love story? Are there instructions written on a tree telling us facts about real love?

Have you met someone you’ll forever keep in your heart? In the sea of strangers how will we ever cross paths? In the sea of strangers how will our hearts beat at the same pace?

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So many questions, not even one exact answer to define ‘love’. Time passes by and random days come and go, I’ve met numerous souls, still I ask my self — How , where, who is ‘love’?

I guess genuine ‘love’ stories aren’t manipulated nor curated but rather kept spontaneous and does come unexpectedly. Love is magical, mysterious and its beautiful that way.

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