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A journey to Self-knowledge

January 10, 2019. It has officially been ten days since the new year gave us the chance to press that restart button.

Today I woke up and gathered my thoughts, listened to my heart and analyzed what my 25 year old spirit is hungry for. If you’ve been following me for quite some time, you’ll often read on my IG stories about my aim to set myself free from my pampered life and try living solo. (Been repeating this several times, I already sound like a broken tape recorder or worst a pirated CD gone wild.)

As someone who grew up with a very loving parents , I must say that I’ve earned enough values and principles to understand the deals of the world. I’ve learned so much that I can even discipline myself and go on my own terms without deviating from what the norms would usually expect me to be, in short I learned to abide by strict rules and regulations.

However, no matter how much these principles are instilled in me, I would still be craving to grow beyond what is expected of me. Behind the caring hands of a mother and the strict words from a father, I would always find myself looking forward to understand more of who I am, to learn about what my capabilities are, how strong I can be, how fast I can think and how my logic works when I’m no longer guided. 

Traveling alone

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Some days, I even try to use traveling as an excuse for my thirst for self-knowledge.

I’ve always wondered what would it be like to travel solo and so with little steps I made it possible and been to three (3) Asian countries last year on my own, without anybody to depend on. A journey that totally made me meet my self more. Through my blogging career, you guys witnessed how I managed to travel alone and I’m truly grateful for that.

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A non business trip/ Family trip in HK (Aboard Aqua Luna junk ship )

Museum Macam Jakarta

Museum Macam Jakarta


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Nami Island – Seoul Korea

First Hiking

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On top of ‘Nagpatong rock Formation’

Then came my cravings for hiking. To climb a mountain, camp outside under the dark night with none other than the moon shining and sparkling stars above you. To experience breathing heavily and gain travel wounds on the way to reaching the peak of every trail destination. Blessed enough I was joined by great company, my fellow travel bloggers, whom I now consider a part of my constant (travel) family, they made my first hiking possible last December 2018. An experience I would forever keep in my heart.

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Moving out / Living alone

Here I am now, seriously contemplating of moving somewhere else on my own. I’m choosing myself today and myself tells me I can begin doing a lot more, if only I’ll give her chance to meet who I really am outside of my comfort zone. Outside the world where I can be braver, be stronger. 

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I plan to push with this before the year ends , I plan to choose myself and know me more, but I can only depend on God as I make bigger decisions in my life.

You see, as we all make plans eventually our path changes through time, we might think that we want this as of the moment, but then the universe has its way of making things fall in its place, on its own terms and its due time and we have no control over this. What’s sure though is that every single thing that we are worried about will eventually be done in accordance to how it’s meant to be.

One thing I learned from my vintage soul, is a tip we may all relate to… The only way to keep our balance is to keep on moving.

Today I plan, tomorrow who knows If I can make it. Whatever the outcome of this will be, always choose to be kind to yourself. This is the only way you’ll grow and meet who you really are. One step at a time my dear. Slowly you’ll meet your beautiful soul soon. 


Levy Amosin

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