It’s okay to have Big Dreams!

People used to ask me… “How are you?” evolved into “Where are you?”…

I didn’t choose to travel, instead I got obliged to. Life happened and #travel chose me, not because I want to, but because I have to.


I know for sure most of the people around me, would rather see me in a stable job somewhere in the world and get paid like how we millennials are expected to be. But then things went wild for me this past year, right after college I was obligated to travel for business trips, but that did not stop me from pursuing my passion. I knew it from the very beginning that my calling was to spread inspiration and urge people of my age to pursue whatever makes them happy, for this I know is their so called purpose in life. I was able to do that, to inspire some and speak for the many through 🌸


I pursued my passion, while juggling tasks of being a young general Manager of outlr travel agency too. I got busy & had no time to relax. These facts resulted to a number of misunderstandings turned friendship breakups & even had me faced the world alone.



However, I gained the hearts of many (I’d like to call them “Huggers” a.k.a my readers instead of “followers”) for being a true spirit in this world full of pretensions and being brave enough to follow my dreams. It was harder than I thought it would be.



Endless times even up to now, I have to leave home, fly or cross the ocean (disregard my safety) to find new interesting facts about fashion, life and travel. I even have to sacrifice romance and have him wait till my projects subside and have that precious “free time” again. Yes my life maybe is instagramable … but is not that perfect after all.



Finally, the other month my blog have reached a surreal number of audience (more than 1 million audience reach). Upto now these numbers feel so unreal and dreamy. Most if not all of my post gets viral. Thank you so much guys for that.🥂



I am still on the verge of climbing up the vast mountains of my career, a few days from now I’m opt to fly to Manila and review high-end hotels & resorts for you guys. Living my life today seems to be so surreal, I guess it’s true that those with pure hearts always win.💝 Can you guys believe it? I’m part of legit blogging industry now. 🌹



I have always been an advocate of following your dreams and pushing yourselves to the limit. Your passions will always be something that you guys will forever hold on to when the rest of the world doesn’t believe in us anymore. This will bring us to greater heights and will make us meet new people, those who really belong in our lives and will help us define who we really are as a person. People who will encourage us to be more of ourselves rather than pretend in order to fit in. One of my friends even said that “Sometimes we lose friends in order to make room for new ones.”
After a year of being thrown into various groups of people may it be in media or in real life, I gained new friends & also revealed the real ones from my original circle. Today I have a stronger connection with this human beings & I thank them for encouraging me instead of judging me like what the others did.
Then and again I’m writing this mini blog post to tell you guys that’s it’s okay to have big dreams, be brave enough to make things happen and live the life you’ve always wanted.




I’m only here to guide & inspire you guys on finding the real you in this world full of coverups. Allow me to reach more of you guys in instagram too (My travel photos and random life updates are found here.) :
Instagram handle: @ANNETOURS
Never forget to keep hugging horizons. Remember your passion is the best profession!🌸


Yours truly,

Levy Amosin

Travel writer • Fashion influencer
p.s : Recycling my photos because I’m using a new phone now. Will showcase on instagram how good iphone7’s camera is during my next trip to Manila in a few more days! ✈️

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  • Adyuga July 24, 2017 at 12:01 pm

    Hi Levy,

    I saw you tweeting about blogging and I thought I’d check out your website. I really like it. Looks like Levy has come a long way!
    Good job with the Yoast plugin SEO is so important these days.

    Keep making great stuff!


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