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How to win your essay

You should understand that even having a lot of advice and recommendations for writing a successful academic paper will not give you a 100% guarantee of success, but you can always increase your winning chances if you catch some details.

You may already know that the essay is a literary prose genre that stands out with:

• Small amount of words
• Free-minded content
• Associations
• Author impressions

The key factor is a free-minded content. This means that the author is untied in terms of presenting information and its structure. However, almost every student faces a strict amount of text. That’s why it’s not enough to have wonderful thoughts, you need to present them keeping within the given limit.

What can increase your chances of winning?

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1. Original idea

The original idea is about 75% of the success. This is the main thing that you should bet on. If you imagine that you always compete, the one who wins the idea “most of the time” will win. That is why it is worthwhile to pay particular attention to the elaboration of the idea. If you get really frustrated, professional online custom writing service can handle it.

2. The logical structure of the essay

The essay structure can be very diverse, but try to be logical and consistent. Using the principle of “inverted pyramid” or not – it depends on you, but try to make the text open to the reader, without sudden jumps from one thought to another.

3. Answers to questions

You should understand that human thoughts are often represented in the form of questions. “What will happen if …?”, “Why can not we …?”, “How long will it take …?”.

Questions without answers are circumstantial. Let’s put ourselves in the place of teachers. You read someone’s text, where you see a lot of abstract questions are unanswered. Do you have time to think deeply about each of them? Moreover, thinking about the question, you can not follow the main idea further in the text. As a result, you will spend time and energy in vain.
And now let’s imagine like we have clear answers and finished thoughts on these questions. In this case, the teacher will see a balanced structure of your academic essay.

4. Examples in the essay

Examples are another useful point that can be successfully used in the essay papers writing. Any statements look completed and do not cause unnecessary questions if they come with examples. Examples give a little distraction from the author’s thoughts flow and bring a punchline to the text.
Obviously, an essay with examples makes a stronger impression on the reader. That’s why it’s a huge advantage over other students’ work. However, don’t forget to know the measure.

5. Impression: putting ourselves in the teacher’s shoes

Generally, it would be good if your essay impresses the teachers. How to do that? Try answer these questions:

• What criteria are you considering for the academic work?
• What things would you remember if you had 100 essays per day?
• How much does an academic writing work correspond to the related topic?
Maybe, in that way, you begin to notice things you usually do not pay attention to.

6. Finalizing an essay

Students often create the whole block of texts for teachers. Now imagine that the teacher needs to read 10-50-100 such essays per day. Sounds nice, yeah?
And now imagine the teacher’s reaction when among the “monolithic” works he could see a beautifully designed, readable essay work. Seems, like writing magic. The main point is that it will attract attention, even before reading.

Using these tips, you can definitely create a win-win writing work.

Hope this article helped you. See you on my next blog post!


Levy Amosin

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