Hong Kong Expat Stories: 3 Ootds I wore this June

June is considered as one of the hottest season in Hong Kong. Being in Hong Kong countless times for the past 5 years, forced me to blend in and adopt their lifestyle on some cultural aspects and their outlook in life. This country thought me to appreciate ourselves in order to advance in life and there’s no other obvious way to do that than present ourselves in a neat fashionable manner. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite outfits during my trip. I’ve always been into taking photos every time I travel unfortunately my phone died during this trip and I still have no free time to have it fixed as well as retrieve my recent photos in Hong Kong. So for today’s update, I thought of giving you guys even just a glimpse of my favorite ootds.


1. Forever 21 (Barbie-ish vibe)


I paired my pink “millennial ” velvet top with a  maxi floral skirt from Forever 21. I assume this ootd won the heart of some of you guys since I saw it trended for 2 days giving it a number of likes and shares lately.


2.Denim & embroidered skirt in red.


Still wearing Forever 21 skirt. Paired it with a Denim top I got from Landmark mall and a signature jewelry from Guess. Also, I love wearing pointy flats in nude whenever I go strolling, besides the fact that it’s comfy, it also  provides a stylish yet subtle “on the go chic” vibe on me.


3.Hue (“Today is Family Day” Print)


For this look, I wore pink shades from a budget pasalubong shop in Worldwide Central, HUE dress which I totally fell in love with and my overused pointy flats 💕


For the rest of the days, I did nothing but explore the rest of Kowloon (pronounced as Kau lung) and went to the gym.


IMG_0046 IMG_0047

Got these glam Nike shoes from Team Sports boutique at Wan Chai, Central District (The shop is just a few minutes away from Landmark mall and other signature shops around Central Hong Kong).


Hong Kong indeed is one of the places that subconsciously promotes “Vanity” , some people might not appreciate such kind of extravagant lifestyle, some may be a fan of it. I personally am not pushing you guys to go spend your money on materials but rather appreciate culture. Hong Kong is an elevated first world metropolis which should push each and everyone of us to strive harder not to burn money and purchase earthly desires and shop like the royals but to do our best in our craft, advance the way we look at life, get inspiration from those who made it and be an inspiration to others.


All in all my recent trip in Hong Kong made me appreciate the value of life both from the Elite’s way of living and the lower class. Both worlds are fun to be with, we just have to learn to put our hearts on every trip, may it be extravagant or not, one must find beauty in culture and respect it.


Travel. Blend. Appreciate. Love. Respect.


That’s it for my latest trip in Hong Kong. I really wished I could show you guys more photos, apparently I can’t. I have some more upcoming trips this July, I promise to show you guys around a series of hotels and resorts I’ll be staying in Manila! See you all soon!


Enjoy your day.💕



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