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How do you handle the uncontrollable tides of life?

Incase the winds of change freely blows wild… Will you fight for your carefully chosen path and kayak your way out of the storm? Or will you calm yourself down and go where the wind blows?

Life was never predictable. There was no perfect plan, neither a sure path…only permanent changes. Humanity said that, the world has its way of showing us how the universe would plan our path, despite the uncertainties of life.

I’ve been asking my self lately, as somebody who has been an advocate of pursuing your passion and following your dreams, “How will I ever adapt to changes?” “How will I continue to inspire my readers, if I can’t even be sure of what tomorrow will bring?”…

Being a careful planner, I’ve always had my life arranged earlier than the actual event, I’ve always had things planned prior to the actual occasion. I love surprises and I definitely enjoy spontaneity too, but I like planning ahead of time as well.

I met someone really spontaneous a few months ago & from that person I was able to somehow grasp the beauty of changes. Today I’d like to share some ideas which might help you get through life’s surprises.

To be able to adapt, one must learn…


One must first learn to accept and by acceptance you’ll find your way discovering new strategies to get your way out of the current storm.


This will clear your mind and prepare you to your next adventure in life.


Doing this will make you understand your next move.


As cliche as it may sound, everything happens for a reason. Smile that things didn’t worked out the way you wanted it to be, for there are much better things coming your way.

Remember the universe has it’s way of showing us the right direction, so we may be able to see the best version of ourselves and fully understand our purpose.

I may sound like a broken record, but please do keep hugging horizons, be passionate with every single thing you do and keep pursuing your dreams. If you’re on the verge of breaking down, learn to rest but never give up.

Featured Photo taken at Sicogon island ( Ayala Land Hotels and Resorts – Balay Kogon )

Levy Amosin

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