GMA Public Affairs Pop talk

GMA Public Affairs, POP TALK : A summer to remember

A wise man once said

“Love life and it will love you back.”

Everything begun with a simple invite from GMA Public Affairs for a TV guesting last February 2020.
The invite came from ‘Pop talk’ a long time Philippine TV Show hosted by “Kuya Toni Pet” reviewing restaurants, hotels and features travel related contents for national viewers.
I on the other hand, was slowly gaining back my drive and the fire in my eyes on my blogging carreer. I took the leap of faith living alone in Metro Manila. I was trying to keep things together as a travel blogger and social media writer for DWIZ 882 khz (News), Aliw Broadcasting Corp. I was on the peak of adjustment stage when they offered me to guest on their show. Juggling so much did not hinder me with my decision nor have I had 2nd thoughts, so immediately I accepted the offer.

The memories are quite fresh despite all that’s happening around us today, I can still recall how excited I was to do something I love.
Today I would like to least divert your attention from the ongoing crisis and the heartbreaking COVID-19 Pandemic that has affected millions of lives around the globe.

I wish to remind you that life is still beautiful, that dreaming and acting on it could take you places, give you numerous chances to meet awesome human beings and open more doors for every dreamer like me.

Allow me to share my experience as a guest reviewer on Pop Talk…

GMA Public Affairs Pop talk

The Call time

I woke up around 4 AM that day, GMA service arrived by 5AM, our call time at the resort was 7AM sharp.
We were tasked to review three amazing resorts in Calamba, Laguna for the summer episode (Will publish a seperate blog review and travel guide for each resorts).


The Journey

The driver fetched me first then drove all the way to Cavite to fetch a regular guest reviewer Bont Bryant (Youtuber). We took a few naps on the way and finally reached our first destination. We parked beside Myrtle Sarrosa‘s car. Myrtle was the assigned celebrity guest reviewer for the episode. We were then tasked to wear our lapels prior to beginning the show, there were some guidelines but no scripts to my surprise and the our reviews were honest and pure.


Behind the scenes


We took some time visiting some historical areas around Laguna too prior to visiting the rest of the resorts for review.
GMA Public Affairs Pop talk

Here’s a photo taken during our introduction spiel.
GMA Public Affairs Pop talk

Here’s another sweet photo taken by the pool area with Myrtle and Bont.
pool scene

In between takes I had my hair fixed and my make-up done by a talented make-up artist Hearty Borromeo


Here’s a shot taken when were all giving our verdicts, alamin kung “Pop” or “Flop” ang resort na ito on GMA Public Affairs this coming summer.
Pop talk hugging horizons levy amosin
Ending this blog post with our first group photo taken that day…
GMA Public Affairs Pop talk
From the left is Bont Bryant (Youtuber), yours truly (Blogger/ influencer), Resort owner (Know more about her by watching our episode on GMA TV), Myrtle Sarrosa (Celebrity Guest), Kuya Toni Pet (TV Host).


I will be back with more amazing stories on hugging horizons.
In the meantime, I wish you all good health and a peaceful set of mind.
Learn to read inspirational contents and visit websites that keep you sane during this tough times.
Don’t forget to Pray, wash your hands, stay happy and healthy all the time! See you all soon, keep the faith and keep hugging horizons.

Levy Amosin

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