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Four years of Hugging Horizons

“Be kind to yourself.”

Levy Amosin Travel Blogger

Four (4) essential words that have kept me sane through the toughest years of my life. I started blogging right after graduation with no directions yet with dreams in my heart. I had no idea where my passion would lead me or how the outcome will be. There were a lot of ups, and there were a number of downs. It wasn’t stable, nor was it easy, there were a lot who doubted and even gave the blog an ending timeline.

I wanted to prove that “our passion is the best profession”, a phrase that made noise online as it fueled my reader’s hearts. A phrase that even I who uttered, had various challenging times to prove it, but challenges shouldn’t lead us to failure but rather bring us progress.

The world isn’t kind, it would test you over and over again. Majority would even enjoy watching your scenic downfall. But instead of allowing the world to change your dreaming heart and make it bitter, I choose to be more passionate. In a world where everything is instant, go beyond the norms of the society, learn to pray and ask for guidance.

I’ve connected with you on a much deeper level. It has been four years, four years of sharing my life with you, both my personal and work trips, my changing sense of fashion, my stories and my passion.

Today, I am honored to continue this journey and work to encourage others to be kind to themselves, believe in their calling, follow their passion and reach their dreams. I promise, you’ll be surprised to know where life can take you once you begin listening to your heart.

I never said it was easy, I never said I’ve done things overnight. Sometimes we tend to forget that “time” isn’t our enemy. “Time” is our best friend, as this teaches people patience and maturity, gems and diamonds that you can never earn in a rush. Be kind to yourself.

With ideas we start to dream, with passion we begin to act, with time we become wiser and with faith we can go beyond our imaginations.

Happy 4th Anniversary Huggers, keep hugging horizons.



Levy Amosin

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