February Special: Do’s and Don’ts of Love

Keeping a relationship could feel like an obligation if we aren’t dealing with things the proper way. Being with someone I have totally learned to speak the language of love with, I feel the need to least share some of the things I’ve observed on keeping ‘Love’ alive behind the romantic gestures.


Share to Care


Do’s : Be honest all the time.

Don’ts: Criticize him or her on their shortcomings.


Do’s : On Arguments, sit and build a space where expressing emotions are welcome.

Don’ts: Shut the door, be deaf and be blind on his or her difficulties.


Do’s: Listening and trying to understand is caring.

Don’ts: Scream and talk over a person in distress.


Balancing is love


Do’s: Nothing is more attractive than a person who knows how to take good care of themselves. Take care of yourself as much as you do for others.

Don’ts: Devoting all your time and obsessing over other’s welfare. 


Do’s: Find activities that interest you and engage in it.

Don’ts: Limit other’s freedom.


Do’s: Learn to step back , breathe and realign. 

Don’ts: Stress over other people’s business.


Be each other’s support system


Do’s: Show support on your loved one’s life dreams.

Don’ts: Dictate what others should do.


Do’s: Dream and work towards realizing a goal together. 

Don’ts: Stop encouraging even when they are doing good.


Do’s: Allow each other to grow and respect someone’s pace.

Don’ts: Force your own timeline to match your partner’s goal.


Talking is love


Do’s: Learn to calm down when a conversation gets heated.

Don’ts: Raising your voice in an argument, always trying to win a discussion.


Do’s: Talk about the issue.

Don’ts: Resort to silent treatment.


Do’s: Be humble enough to admit it’s your fault when you’ve done something wrong and give room for mistakes.

Don’ts: Fault finding.


Do’s: Find a neutral ground and move on.

Don’ts: Bring up the past mistakes during present scenarios.


Remember that when we are happy in a relationship, we subconsciously project a positive aura and outwardly glow that definitely makes the people around us feel great. Romantic gestures are nice and quite endearing but what makes love last and alive are way beyond those matters. Hope this short list was able to give you a glimpse of how we can keep that ‘love’ alive. Advance happy heart’s day to all! Keep hugging horizons.




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