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Battle with ocean tears

I believe each and everyone of us is fighting a battle some choose to ignore. Some choose to smile get over with it easily. Some choose to focus on and win it.

I believe the toughest battle can only be fought with courage and hope.

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‘Doubt’ is our biggest enemy. ‘Doubt’ that makes us think otherwise. ‘Doubt’ pushes us to give up everything we’ve been through. ‘Doubt’ that slowly and unknowingly turns into ‘fear’.

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“Fear’ that closes our mindset and silence our hearts with darkness.

Each and every single day we wake up to fight once more. We try our best to take the armor of bravery, wear our battle suits and fight once again. Yet we get tired and find ourselves down lying on the ground, wounded with our knees bended — with ocean tears.

Then suddenly we feel nothing else but our hearts beat. Our soul breathing, making us understand that we still have a life — a purpose.

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Turn all your ‘Doubts’ into ‘Hope’. Remember that life is never meant to be easy, yet it is meant to be worth it.

Don’t give up. Fight!


Levy Amosin


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