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An Open Letter for YOU this Christmas…

Dear You,

It’s Christmas time again. Be grateful, you’re alive and you’re breathing. Be thankful you still have you’re sight and you’re reading this. A lot of people have lost their lives as they try to win the wars of reality, but not you. Be happy, stand tall and be proud, you made it. I know you’ve been through a lot, so this Christmas day I’m sending you VIRTUAL HUGS through this open letter.

(On finding your purpose)

God choose you to be that something someday, fulfil your dreams, follow your heart it will lead you to your purpose. I want you to know that despite the emptiness you’re feeling, someone out there is happy that you stayed. Be an inspiration to others and stop judging. Be appreciative and stop complaining, life is meant to be cherished not to be criticized.

(On Pain)

Pray more when you’re feeling nowhere to be found. Don’t be shy, cry harder till all the pain is gone. Learn to listen to what’s important and the rest are noise. Know that it’s okay to be alone and let go…

(On friends)

Sometimes we let go of people, even though we still want them in our lives, because we realized they let go first. It’s okay to have lesser friends, what’s important is they’re real.

(On Betrayal)

Be honest, speak softly, be fair…if in pain and still bonded by anger, choose silence and space, never speak words for it cuts deeper than swords. Pray for your enemy and be grateful that you’re the one being stepped on instead of being the traitor.

(On Faith)

Trust God without boarders. Exercise you’re faith that with God, all things are possible. “Live in such a way, that those who know you, but don’t know God will come to know God because they know you.”- Anon

(On Mistakes)

If you’ve hurt someone, admit it, be humble enough and say sorry. Learn to Respect yourself by respecting others.

(On Rejections)

Please believe that rejections are usually redirections in disguise. Know what you deserve, pray for it, claim it and be it.


P.S:  Whoever is reading this, Thank you for staying in my life, for still following me and visiting Hugging Horizons. I hope I was able to aid you somehow with whatever you were trying to find on Google (travel/ fashion related) . Thank you for helping me jumpstart my career, by reading my blogs, following me on instagram (@ annetours) and other social media accounts. Please know that I write for you and no one else, you are important to me, this blog exists because of you. I know you’re following me because you love travelling as much as I do. I really do hope I have inspired you, as much as you have inspired me.  Merry Christmas to you my dear reader, Cheers to more travel & Fashion adventures, again…Thank you.


Levy Anne Amosin

Once a dreamer now the founder of


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