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7 published materials I recommend you to read while traveling

People have been sending me emails asking “where do I get my ideas for blogging?”—— I read books, lot’s of em… I travel and then I read. Good thing I can find great books at National bookstore anytime. (Ironic as it may seem, I work for the online world but I get my ideas in much beautiful and traditional manner, I read books.)

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So today, here are some of the books I take with me when I travel. Along with the list you’ll also find my favorite quotes from great authors.

1. Steal like an Artist- Austin Kleon

Fave : “Steal from yourself, your dream or memory.”
Fave 2: “It’s not the money you make, it’s the money you hold on to.”

I can write a list of my faves from this book and go on and on but I want you guys to keep your attention focused on those two lines above. I found it really powerful and inspirational too.

2. Capture Your style- Aimee Song

“Photos evoke feelings surrounding our most cherished moments in life and instagram opens our imaginations and connects those moments to others who, if we’re lucky, will feel what we feel, too.”

Aimee Song has been my long time online inspiration both for fashion and her heart. Read her book, I swear it’s worth every penny.

3. Life Principles- Injap Sia

“My life si far, and the way that I have been blessed with success, is proof that you don’t have to trade in your values to achieve great things.”

This book was given to us during one of the events I attended. It’s something gold and precious. Injap’s life is one great story one should pass from one individual to another.

4.The Little Prince- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

“All grown-ups were children once (but most of them have forgotten).”

A book translated into 250 languages and has become a phenomenon. It contains magic and by that I mean it’s a book containing words cannot surmount what you’ll feel during and even after readin it.

5. Dirty Pretty Things- Michael Faudet

“I am hopelessly in love with a memory. An echo from another time, another place.”

This book is what I’m currently having my nose tucked in to. I am in love with this book and I’m sure people wouldn’t doubt why. I’m bringing this anywhere I go—— I think I’m bringing this on my next trip this coming February.

6.Chic- Daphne Oseña Paez

“More important than the objects and structures I design is how my story can inspire young people who will ultimately change our urban landscape in more ways than I could possibly accomplish.”

Tips on life , style and work. Words from people who successfully made it. Priceless , I tell you.

7. The first 10 years designer collaborations – H&M

“The days of elitism in fashion are over. I want people to understand what I di, instead of only seeing something in a glossy magazine.”-Stella McCartney

If you’re into fashion like me, this book is something I highly recommend you reading. It doesn’t just contain photos which may inspire you mix and match clothes for your #Ootd , the book does speak to your fashionista spirit as it elevates your awareness on how fashion has evolved and how this lifestyle aids our confidence and a much deeper level.

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Hope this blog entry did inspire you on your next adventure in life, love , travel and more.

Written with love and virtual kisses,
Levy Amosin
Travel blogger • Fashion Influencer

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