2019: Bounce back after your setback

Keeping that passionate heart alive

A few more days till we bid our goodbyes to a year that has taught us patience and appreciating slow steady days. As busy as we tend to build our future and drive our vehicles to reach the dreams we’ve all been thirsty of, here we are surprising our souls with a powerful feeling of stillness which we sometimes confuse of “getting stuck” (A steady silence which we mostly fear.)

Revisit your reasons and remind yourself why you badly want to succeed. Take that deep breath, close your eyes, feel that prompting in your heart. 2019, a year that has calmly taught us to set back when we’re exhausted… A year that taught us that we can only serve our purpose in the most wonderful way if and only if we give our best everyday, nothing can ever give justice to a goal done by an energized heart.


This year has also expound what “Passion” means, it’s never meant for something that would give us an assurance of stability, it’s meant to emphasize an extravagant fondness and compelling effect of our emotions. If you further search this word on google, one would be confronted that “Passion” means “to suffer”. It was never a comforting feeling but rather a intuition which you could never question. As the year ends, I would love to ask you this…

What are you willing to suffer for?

May we continue to live in the fact of giving ourselves the opportunity to setback, allow our spirits to get energized as we continue to live for our love, purpose and passions in this huge world waiting for you to be conquered.


Hope you enjoy the highlights of my trips this 2019 as part of our countdown to #HuggingHorizons 2020. Thank you for staying, excited to fill your hearts with more adventures in the coming years!



Levy Amosin

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