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10 things 2018 taught me

28 days to go and we’ll finally welcome a new year, a new start, another beginning full of hope and faith that we’ll have a better and brighter year ahead than what we’ve had this 2018.

I have to admit 2018 has been one of the toughest year I have ever encountered, I’ve lost people whom provided courage and bravery in my life (like my grandmother) and so I was left with a fainted heart looking for ways to cope in this unpredictable world. I left home several times this year and have booked more than 50 flights to find myself. I got lost during my travels and have found myself on unfamiliar places. I experienced “whirlwind romance” and had my heart badly broken into pieces, learned patience the hard way. Then encountered an accident having me develop minor nervousness, causing me delays when using the escalator (I’ve been silently struggling about this for years). I’ve met marvelous folks along the way yet had to bid farewell countless times. I can go on and on if I wouldn’t limit my words for this blog post, safe to say I’ve lost a lot this year, yet I kept my will to stand and fight my battles.


It’s true what they say “You never know how strong you are, until being strong was your only choice.” -A


Yes, 2018 might be bumpy, unpredictable and haven’t gone easy on most of us, but I would still consider this year as the best teacher. Without 2018, I wouldn’t have unleashed and discovered a lot of amazing things in life.


Before this year ends, allow me to share 10 beautiful things 2018 has taught me…

  1. Challenges in life doesn’t get easy, you only get stronger.
  2. The only way to keep your balance is to keep moving.
  3. Love is genuinely beautiful that it comes naturally and shouldn’t be chased at all.
  4. No rational decisions are formed when you’re too happy nor when you’re too sad / angry.
  5. You can train your mind and your heart to hold it all together, no matter how messed up it gets, all you need is to give faith a chance.
  6. Respect and trust ‘Time’, it’s the best teacher next to ‘experience’.
  7. Fear is just a mindset, you are stronger and braver than you think.
  8. Continue being genuine and honest even if no else does.
  9. It’s better to be mocked and degraded than be the one mocking and degrading others.
  10. Always choose God above all. Do this and you’ll be directed to the right path, erasing your confusions, vanishing your despondency, leaving you — your purpose.

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Yes, I was able to get rid of my acute jumpiness this year and I can normally walk on escalators again. I’ve learned to forgive people even if they haven’t asked for forgiveness. I’ve learned to gain my strength back and reclaim my courage through prayers. ‘Goodbyes’ aren’t ‘goodbyes’ for me anymore, but rather future ‘helloes’ waiting to be uttered. And yes, I’m allowing myself to find real love despite all the anguishes, after all 2018 taught me that there is no room for fear when you’ve been trained this hard to travel the road of uncertainty. Love is no exception, to love and to fall in love is a risk and an adventure I would gladly still involve myself in.

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To all of you reading this, promise yourself not to allow the lumpy roads of life keep you away from your purpose nor change your pure innocent heart, but rather allow these outrageous challenges to shape and polish you into the toughest and fearless soldier this world will ever have.

As we all together put on our armors for 2019…don’t wish for a better year, rather advance yourself to be a better you. 🙂



Levy Amosin

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