The world needs more of you now

Everybody else is crying yet you remain calm.

Everyone else is anxious yet you try to understand.

You are the strongest person I know.

When the people you love most breaks down, you choose to be tough and be the strongest wall they can lean on.

When they question life, you start preaching your principles and try to give them temporary answers to ease their pain.

You listened to the point that you subconsciously absorb their negativity yet you remain optimistic.

Yes, remember you are strong just like that.
You are though, you know you are.


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Remember how you tried to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders and when things didn’t go well you begun praying and things went beyond your imagination?

As the world around you falls apart, in silence you listened to your heart and you found a way to accept how the process will eventually lead things to fall into place.

You are worried but you are never doubtful.

In a dark room you cry silently in pain but you learned to trust that this too shall pass.
You believe that miracles do happen and you are strong like that.


Every single day, you know you can just run away & be selfish but you choose to stay.
You stay because you know you’re stronger than that.

When the world around you becomes unbearable, you smiled and gave yourself a pat on the shoulder.

You speak and listen with your heart and it felt like the world needs more of your kindness.

There are tons of people suffering from unbearable pain and no one else can carry it better than you do because you are chosen and YOU ARE STRONG JUST LIKE THAT.


This is an open letter to every brave soul out there trying to keep things together. My heart and my soul screams love and support to each one of you. I admire your spirit, keep going, never get tired of supporting the once who are weak, only we can help them. Let’s stay strong by supporting each other. Choose kindness over anything else in this temporary world.

Levy Amosin

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