Salted Egg Potato Chips

Trending “Salted Egg Potato Chips” Now in Iloilo!

Everything started with that dangerously addictive Salted Egg Chips from Singapore, the pioneer of all these current obsessions to salted egg-flavored potato chips. I have to agree that its discovery has taken over the local snacking game by blizzard.

For those who are still on the verge of discovering this newest snack trend. Allow me to express my thoughts on how addicting these Salted Egg Potato Chips are. To make it short, these are thinly-sliced potatoes buttered, cooked and fried to a crisp and flavored with salted egg yolk, curry leaves and other secret spices.


Salted Egg Potato Chips

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In fact did you know that this addicting Salted Egg Potato Chips snack has taken over  the top social media sites, Facebook and instagram feeds of foodies from Manila to name a few. The breakthrough has been recorded to show exemplary results in the rise of statistical trends. The Netizens have been craving and asking where to find these Philippine’s Best Kept Secret Chips locally.

This gave birth to more opportunities and ideas for the entrepreneurs in the local food industry to try good fortune and make their own versions of Salted Egg Potato Snacks.

Lucky for you, I’m here to provide the details for the Number 1 Best Selling Salted egg Chips in the Philippines! Manila’s Hottest Food Trend this 2016 is now here in Iloilo and you can finally get your hands on them. Salted Egg Potato Chips by Little Chef is produced in Cebu by the Genson Family. These potato chips trend definitely gave every foodie enthusiast another reason to crave more about salted eggs!


The Packaging

The Whole presentation was unique and was very much minimalist inspired. The look was not far different from the famous Salted Egg Potato Chips from Singapore, only that it was in a black and pink packaging instead of yellow as the dominant color, like the Famous product from Singapore. So I got really curious and excited to discover if Little Chef’s Salted Egg Potato Chips tasted the same, or was it able to somehow get that #dangerouslyAddictive charm.


Salted Egg Potato Chips


I Opened it…

And so a delicious aroma wafted out which entirely woke my sleeping Big Eater Spirit. The chips inside looked damp, from what I presume, were caused by the butter, salted egg sauce and other secret spices and what hit my taste buds was so surreal and really scrumptious.

This explains why this thing went viral and made noise throughout the Snacks industry! No wonder more than (20) twenty local brands have started to make their own version of Salted Egg Potato Chips!

Salted Egg Potato Chips


How it tasted?

The chips were cut thin yet amusingly crispy! You’ll also notice the green stuff which coats each chip along with the buttery salted egg sauce, that’s the curry leaves. The curry leaves added that hint of spice for every bite. Each Salted Egg Potato Chip by the Little Chef was coated heavily with full flavor, the taste caught me off guard and I think I found my newest obsession.

Worth every penny

The salted egg sauce had this aromatic flavoursome sweetness that will make you crave for more. It was so good I can proudly say that this “Salted Egg Potato Chips by Little Chef” can compete with the Pioneer brand from Singapore. For 195 PHP only, I must insist that these gourmet chips are worth every penny. Honestly speaking, I would definitely choose Salted Egg Potato Chips by Little Chef compared to the one from Singapore, it tasted as scrumptious and is way cheaper.

It’s one of the best snacks I have ever had, it was really good yet so addicting that I had to control myself and taped the pack again, seal it and leave it outside in our dining room, because I was scared I would breathe in the entire package in one sitting.

Salted Egg Potato Chips

It’s so addicting that it runs out really fast. In fact out of obsession, I had to do a quick instagram search, which shows that more and more brands are starting to create their own version of addictive Salted Egg Potato Chips. But I will have to insist that The Salted Egg Potato Chips by the Little Chef is the closest to the Pioneer’s Salted Egg Potato Chips!

Here’s a tip since it runs out really fast, Order them and have your reservations directly from Bea Genson (The Official Distributor in Iloilo City) or another way to get your hands on them is to go to Clothes Station Iloilo or any Healthy Kitchen Stations before Noon Time. No reservations or going later than that means the stocks for the day might have already been snapped up by other salted egg chips addicts.



Salted Eggs Potato Chips by Little Chef

Produced in Cebu by Genson Family

For Reservations:

Call BEA GENSON at 0917-715-2324

Also Available at:

Clothes Station Iloilo

Any Healthy Kitchen Stations, Iloilo City, Philippines

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  • Martina Kara January 19, 2017 at 3:45 pm

    I am really curios about this product. Honestly,I never had a chance to try and after such a detailed explanation in your post i felt like i sensed the flavour with all my senses hehehehehe 🙂 I love your posts and your blog! Keep up 🙂

    • hugginghorizons January 20, 2017 at 9:22 am

      Aw, Hi Martina! I’m so happy I was able to convey how tasty the salted egg chips were. 🙂 thank you so much for dropping by, you def. should try it too. the price is super reasonable anyway! 😀 Tag your friends along! 😀


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