Traveling heroes revealed: Tourism Promotions Board Philippines and Haribon Foundation

“A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.”- Bob Dylan.

You are about to read my recent trip with Tourism promotions board Philippines, which revealed a new set of heroes today.

Read along and discover how this trip made its step towards saving not just the lives of the future generation, but as well as the real victim of humanity’s carelessness— Mother earth.

Recently, I got an email to join a CSR initiative of Tourism Promotions Board Philippines for a Biodiversity Activity also known as BOW with Haribon Foundation.

Here I met another great author and travel blogger named Patricia Yulo.

The Heroes

Tourism Promotions Board Philippines


Tourism Promotions Board Philippines (TPB) ,our first main character, is an attached agency of the Department of Tourism. TPB’s job is to promote the Philippines domestically and internationally as a world-class tourism and MICE destination. TPB works with both private and public stakeholders to successfully share high-value experience for tourists and travelers, essentially causing the increase of arrivals and investments in the Philippines.

Haribon Foundation

Haribon Foundation

(A photo of me and Lounelle Godinez of Haribon Foundation with Hariecovan as our background.)

Haribon Foundation is our second main character here. Haribon is the Philippines pioneer environmental organization. Their #goals were to conserve sites and habitats, encourage sustainability, empower people and save species. During this trip Haribon Foundation was represented by Lounelle Godinez.


tourism promotions board

Twenty (20) TPB personnel have volunteered as eco teachers to engage students in Iloilo, Philippines. (Above is a photo of our group during our visit in Miag-ao Church.)

Eco Teachers


Milo Oropeza

Mariel Dimaano- Project Officer

Marilou Lazarte – Tour Coordinator

Victoria Supillo

Carmella Febrio

Melissa Litao

Janelle Borromeo

Uhde Asual

Larry Cargo

Maria Cedo

Arielle Yambot

Alberto Gadia Jr.

Redentor Bote Jr.

Robertito Nipis

Perfecto Realino Jr.

Michael Caroro

Condrado Silva

Sandy Vargas Jr.

Joram Ng

Andrea Juanite

Diana Rosima

Travel Bloggers:

Patricia Yulo

Levy Amosin (Hi there! 😊🌸❤️)

Target Audience


1.Leganes National High School

2. Leonora S. Salapantan National High School

Biodiverisity on wheels : The Goal


Biodiveristy on wheels (BOW) Activity is a product of  the CSR initiative of Tourism Promotions Board Philippines and Haribon Foundation.

  1. Dress the present generation with knowledge. The first goal was to dress the present generation with carefully weaved words encouraging sustainability of nature by volunteers from TPB and Haribon.
  2. Feed the young generation with heart felt  stories. Stories of adorable and fascinating animals one may encounter in the wild. Spreading awareness making the young a much smarter and responsible traveler.
  3. Spread facts with love. The young audience generally yearns for love and attention. When the volunteers started sharing facts with their love to mother earth, I’ve noticed how the lecture automatically brought these kids to another level, making them appreciate what they have today—big or small.

The young speaks…

Tourism Promotions Board

(c) Uhde Asual

Here are some of the realizations I got from the group of children I’ve interviewed during the trip:

How to conserve the environment?

Group 1– We serve as the rainbow of the future, our colors should compliment eachother to complete the entire element.

Group 2– Discipline and participate…micro efforts lead to macro effect!

Group 3– Throw your waste on proper places & plant more trees. We will use social media to encourage other people to act right and be responsible.

Group 4– Reduse, reuse & recycle. Nakatulong kana , nagka pera ka pa.

Group 5– We’ll use social media as the instrument to spread awareness. We have to keep the environment beautiful cause this reflects ourselves.


I firmly believe that how we are today or whatever we may have achieved in life at present does not actually define the future, but rather how we affect the younger people’s lives or simply have contributed to their way of thinking— shapes the future.

Things to do in Taklong Island Guimaras

Hooray to another group of heroes revealed!

We may feel invisible on some days of our lives but that doesn’t mean we’ll never be heroes. Everyone actually has a heart of a hero waiting to be awakened.

Kudos to both Haribon Foundation and Tourism Promotions Board Philippines for setting as an example to young Ilonggos and creating new little heroes with huge dreams for the future. If only mother earth could speak, we might hear her screaming her grateful heart out!

Hope you guys learned something from this entry.

Allow me to end this blog with some photos I took during my trip with TPB and Haribon…


Photo I took during our visit at Garin Farm Iloilo.


We also visited Museo Iloilo…

Molo Church

Dropped by Molo Church

Breakfast at Seda Atria Iloilo

Breakfast at Seda Atria Iloilo with Jaye Borromeo (TPB personnel)

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Dinner at Camiña Balay na bato

Dinner at Camiña Balay na bato

Dinner at Camiña Balay na bato

Dinner at Camiña Balay na bato

Dinner at Camiña Balay na bato

Dinner at Camiña Balay na bato


My job here is done. Have a great day everyone!

Stay tuned for my next blog post.

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Levy Amosin

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