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Life’s too short to read one page of the book, the only way to open and read the other pages of life is through traveling. Today I have compiled 4 ‘Pinoy’ Travel Bachelors who have been very willing to contribute their story & adventures . In this travel guide you’ll find tips from the real life travelers. The featured places are as follows: Igbaras, Iloilo , Mt. Ugo Benguet , Baguio City (all from the Philippines) & Thailand.

Note: Photos found on this post are owned personally by the contributors.

Featured travelers/ contributors:

Butch Raymundo : Thailand “Must See Places”

Martin Paguirigan : Baguio City “Honest Travel Tips”

Abz Pajemolin : Igbaras, Iloilo “DIY Tips for 1st time Hikers”

Yuri Andro : Nueva Vizcaya – Benguet , Mt. Ugo ” Above the Clouds”

I. THAILAND: Must See Places for 1st time tourists

By Butch Raymundo


  1. Best Party Place : Kaainubg Khaosan , it’s like Boracay in Philippines, the only difference is that it’s located in the city.
  2. Chang Puak Camp: un ung one thing that u should not miss in Thailand. Because of the elephant ride. “Best experience kasi para kang king na nakasakay sa elephant.” (It was the best experience, I felt like a king during the whole elephant ride experience) – Butch said
  3. Khaosan : Try the Authentic Pad Thai, you can easily find it on the streets.
  4. BUDGET : 10,000 PHP- 15, 000 PHP Okay na for a good tour days in Thailand.
  5. On Accommodations: Find a hotel within the City area. “So that maka explore kahit lakad and at night makakapasyal sa mga night market” ( So that you can walk around the city & shop at the night market) – said Butch.
  6. Floating Market : Bargain from the sellers as much as we can, that was the number 1 tip I got from our tour guide.

What Can you say about Thailand?

  1. Food Porn City – Try as much Thai food as you can, every single cuisine is Deli.
  2. Easy Transporation – Taxi and Subway MRT are the once I used. Transporation was easy. “Madali kang makakapag travel”

Some Photos from Butch’s Thailand Trip




II. Baguio City: “Honest Travel Tips”

By Martin James Paguirigan




Camp john hay
Mines view park
Chocolate de batirol (Garden Restaurant – Igorot park)
Laperal white house
Night market
Tam-awan village
Diplomat hotel (Ghost Hunt)
Ben cab museum

Honest Tips from Martin

  1.  Transpo: “Walang grabcar puro grabtaxi tas apatan lang yun” (There were no Grabcars, just GrabTaxi for 4 people)
  2. Temperature : “Mainit sa tanghali pero sobrang lumalamig pag gabi” (Hot Weather during the noontime, but gets really cold at night.)
  3. Length of stay: Book more than 5 days if possible “Mas maganda kung susulitin mo na trip mo hanggang benguet kasi mabibitin ka lang sa Baguio.” (It’s best to visit places in Benguet too, touring around Baguio City is not enough)
  4. On Transportation: “Pag commute kayo maganda divisible by 4 kasi puro taxi tas 4 ang maximum. Pero syempre mas advisable pa din na pag ganun karami, mag sasakyan nalang tas ambagan gas and toll mas makakamura.” (In cases that majority of the group have chosen to go on commute, please divide yourselves into 4. Taxis only allow 4 pax per ride. I suggest for trips with a huge number of tourists better bring a van, its cheaper, you’ll just have to pay gas and toll fee. Divide the transportation charges among your group & your good to go.)
  5. Best Hotel : Forest House




Some Photos taken at BenCab Museum




III. Igbaras, Iloilo:  DIY Tips for 1st time Hikers!

By Abz Pajemolin

igbaras abz

DIY Tips to Igbaras

Getting there:

  1. Ride a jeepney going to Igbaras from the terminal near robinsons place in Iloilo City.
  2. Fare is 50 up to the municipality of Igbaras.
  3. Log in to the police station of Igbaras (This is compulsory, they track every people who does day hike or overnight stay).
  4. Go to the market place of Igbaras, ride a motorcycle going to the brgy of Buyuan.
  5. Options: 50 PHP until waiting shed and experience trek for 30mins going to bagay trail. 150PHP straight to bagay trail, experience motorcycle ride ala motor cross. You’ll have to buckle up with the driver of the motorcycle. “It’s one hell roller coaster ride where you’ll see the cliffs along the way!” – Abz said
  6. “Pag Ara nkmu Sa Bagay trail my choice kamu. 3-4hrs Sa tigbanaba trail for day hike or the trail bagay for 6hrs which is good for overnight.” (Hiligaynon) After Reaching Bagay Trail, you’ll be given choices (1) 3-4 hrs Tigbanaba Trail 1 day hike. or (2) 6 hours hike which is great for overnight. Every trail my break man kmu Sa water source, so no worries, the water is clean too.

    What to wear

    1.Wear long sleeves dry fit shirts or if you plan to wear shorts, make sure to have tights on to avoid wounds from the bushes. They’re damn sharp!

    2. Bring Gloves, just in case it rains. The place can get really slippery.
    3. Wear shoes that are made for all terrain. The terrain is rocky, slippery, muddy, bushy, etc
    4. Bring foods. You might get hungry along the whole Hiking Trip.
    This adventure is best to Train yourself to fight giving up easily, definitely not for quitters. Take breaks as possible if your legs can no longer take it too. The view is worth it.


(YAN PO YUNG AAKYATIN NIYO. This trip is def not for quitters!)



View from above <3 Breathtakingly Stunning! Told ya it’s worth it!


IV. Nueva Vizcaya- Benguet: Mt. Ugo ” Above the Clouds”

by Yuri Andro Cabangbang


MT. UGO Facts

MT. UGO (2,150+)
Nueva Vizcaya-Benguet Traverse
Jump-off points: Kayapa, N. Vizcaya; Brgy. Tinongdan, Itogon, Benguet
LLA: 16.31916°N, 120.80166°E, 2130 MASL
Days / hours to summit: 3 days, 9-10 hrs ascent to summit/ 9-10 hrs descent to kilometer ZERO
Specs: Major climb, Difficulty 5/9, Trail Class 1-3
Features: Pine forests, highland villages, views of Cordillera peaks

Mt. Ugo

Mesmerizing View



Thank You!


I personally wanna thank all the contributors for this guest post. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and stories, having you guys as my guest gave me chills and somehow allowed me to travel and experience a bit from your trips through imagination! Thank you so much for trusting Hugging Horizons. Looking forward to feature your travels again soon!


To my Readers, Hi Bes! Always remember that it’s never wrong to push your self a little, go on an adventure, read the other pages of life through traveling! Keep Hugging Horizons <3



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