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Tips for 1st time Tourists at LAKAWON ISLAND (Travel Guide)

Lakawon Island is no doubt a must see destination in the Philippines! This banana-shaped Island of Cadiz , Negros occidental had my jaw dropped literally by its pristine water, Maldives themed like resort and that undying charm of sand bars.

In this travel you’ll find tips for the first time tourists in Lakawon Island. Allow me to share this unforgettable experience in bullet form.

Tara na sa Lakawon dear! (No regrets besh, No regrets, I swear!)


Tip # 1 Beach Outfits Pls.

Wear something Summer ready clothes/ Beach Outfits. This goes out to all sexes, never attempt to wear thick clothes for OOTD, you’ll know why on tip #2.

Lakawon Island, Negros occidental, top tips for lakawon Island


Tip #2 Never Position your self at the front part of the boat

From Negros Occidental Port, pay 270 PHP at the counter. Obviously next step would be to ride the boat to Lakawon Island Resort. When riding the boat, Never ever position yourselves at the front part unless you wanna literally take your bath on your way to the Island (Cause that kinda happened to us. My OOTD got entirely wet before reaching the Island, which was ironically fun but a bit depressing too, HAHA!)

Lakawon Island

*Aura parin kahit basa ang OOTD – The Island’s beauty is more than enough to cover my messed up OOTD when I positioned my self in front of the boat prior to reaching the Island. :”)

Lakawon Island


Tip # 3 FOOD: Don’t do Solo Meals. Order Barkada Meals!

The Island composes of a commercialized Restaurant at the middle. Foods are served in a Barakada package kind of meal only. Prices begin with 200 and above, All viands are good for 2-3 pax per order. (Pero sulit to!!! Good for 2-3 people lahat ng ulam.)

**Note: If you opt to bring your own food, the Island will charge you for corkage. I suggest order from the resort it self, they have reasonable charges.


Food: 100 PHP/ person

Bottles : 500 PHP / case of 24 bottles of beer

Hard Drinks: 1,000 / per bottle

Sulit tips for Lakawon Island firt time visitors


Tip #4 Head towards the Floating Bar immediately right after reaching the Island.

Enjoy the Island during the late afternoon (3 PM on wards). I’ve noticed that the water goes up during lunch time, you won’t be able to see the Sand Bar during this time. I suggest go straight at the Floating bar first and enjoy the Island after the floating bar experience.

tips for Lakawon Island first time travelers


The Tawhai Floating Bar Experience

tawhai floating bar experience

Tip #5 Wear life Jackets before jumping from the 2nd deck

Yup! It’s safe to jump from the upper deck of the Tawhai floating bar. 😀 Wooo hooo! Experience swimming at the deep part of the sea without learning how to swim – Wear Life jackets provided by the life guards first though.

Lakawon Island Experience


Tip #6 Chill!

Allow the photos to explain such unforgettable memories!

Tawhai Floating Bar Experience


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lakawon Floating Bar


Lakawon Tawhai Floating bar

  1. Go Aboard the Tawhai Floating Bar
  2. Swim by it’s white sand beach
  3. Relax and get a massage
  4. Go Snorkeling
  5. Ride a Jet ski
  6. Seafood Nom Nom Food trip

On Accommodation

Day Tour Only

The Resort offers the following:

  1. Umbrella Huts : 600 PHP (daytime) Good for 1-6 guests +100 for each additional person
  2. Family Cottages 1,200 PHP (daytime) Good for 1-10 guests +100 for every additional person
  3. Tent Spaces : 300 PHP (day time) Good for 10 pax

Overnight Stay:

  1. Bamboo Houses : 2,500 PHP (overnight) Good for 4 person +300 for each additional person
  2. Canopy Tents : 600 PHP Good for 6 pax
  3. Tent Spaces : 300 PHP / person

Boat fees

Tip #7 Join a group ahead of you to save more

Boat Round trip minimum:

1-4 persons : 1,000 PHP

5-7 persons: 1,200 PHP

8-10 persons: 1,500 PHP

Other rates

Entrance fee: 100 PHP / person (Childern below 4 yrs. old FREE)

Terminal fee: 20 PHP / person

Pumpboat : 150 / person round trip *Last trip from the Island is 5PM


Getting there

I. From Bacolod to Cadiz City

  • via private car 1 hour ride
  • via Buses in Ceres Liner North Terminal (80 PHP / pax)

II. Cadiz City to Port

  • Take a tricycle (20php) to take you to the port

III From the port brgy, Cadiz Viejo , Boat rides to Lakawon Island Resort are provided by the Management.

  • 15o PHP / pax pump boat Roundtrip with a terminal fee of 20 PHP


So? What are you waiting for? Come visit Lakawon Island and post those instagram worthy shots and enjoy this Must Visit Paradise!


lakawon tawhai floating bar tips



Levy Anne Amosin

Travel Blogger


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