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I immediately whispered to my self that night.

Hi everyone, treat this blog post as something personal and non promotional. No I won’t be mentioning any products here nor will I be doing a review of anything you have in mind for that matter. I’ve been on a hectic schedule and pretty crazy months since last June 2018 up to present (September 2018).


I’ve been back and fort different countries for 3 months straight now and everything wasn’t planned. Every single thing felt pretty spontaneous and unstoppable.


Flying to and from gave me perks to dance and see the clouds via different hours of the day. Some flights came in by night, some by late afternoon when the moon was about to replace the sun, then other flights went by sunrise. Yet, I’ve never seen anything as magical as my recent trip. You guys might think I’m high or might be dreaming but I have to insist I wasn’t cause I even checked my contact lenses and went around the plane to look for flight attendants that very evening…


Curious about what I saw?


It was around two to three in the morning, I was on a plane to Hong Kong from Manila. I woke up to a magical view, I literally thought the sky was upside down.

It was my first time seeing the sky glowing all so brightly like the cities from earth were all up there above me, everything below was all dark and no sight can ever be noticed. Yet when I looked up, there were millions, no billions, no trillions or even more than numbers could even count , it was more than any person could ever imagine , it was pretty crazy! The stars were glowing like diamonds, the lights were dancing as if there were music playing outside the plane. It was like a party of stars. It was all I can see from my window seat.


A few min. later, I checked my eyes if my contact lenses were on. I checked and even added my liquid solution to keep my eyes fresh and have a clearer view of what I’m seeing. I even asked my self if it’s possible for the lights from skyscrapers to reflect and glow by the clouds during a silent dark evening. But then I also thought, isn’t it that if those were reflections then there should be glowing cities full of skyscrapers below me as well? (Then my view from the plane shouldn’t be looking like the plane was upside down?–Then it’s no reflection?)


A few min. more , our plane seemed to fly lower, I began seeing glowing boats , there were five or should I say a handful number of little boats at the ocean they were all glowing. It was crazy! I’m not forcing anyone to believe me nor to read this. You may actually stop reading from here or just skip this blog– Your choice.

I tried taking a photo for document…

…I took my phone and tried to take a photo of these glowing skies and boats on my journey to Hong Kong, I mean as an online media personality isn’t this what were expected to do? To take photos and caption them with ‘cliche’ ‘influencer’ instagram words –Yet my phone couldn’t get any of it, not even a tiny dot reflected my phone’s camera.

(For all you know, I’m using iphone 7 so it should have gotten at least some tiny glowing image. But it didn’t. So I know I can’t prove it. I mean the society tells us about the “No photo. Didn’t happen.” reality right? However, I also believe that some things in life are worth sharing once felt and experienced by our hearts not just by some mere photo shared online.)


… I cried while watching these views. I looked around, if not all but most of the passengers were sleeping. I silently cried and prayed out of the nonstop views shown from my window seat. ( If science could explain what I saw, I wouldn’t come argue with you, I’m open to all explanations. Yet, I would also like everyone to be vulnerable and savor life’s wonders once in a while, so set me free and let me write my fascination without judgment first.)


What I’m saying is just that, I saw these magical and fairy tale like view from my recent trip to Hong Kong, and this blog entry simply serves as a documentation to one of the most unforgettable trips I’ve ever had in my life. For me this was a miracle and I thank God for giving me such amazing memory to tell and keep this story for the rest of my life.


It was crazy, I guess life has always been as magical and miraculous as we think it is, all we have to do is give our selves the chance to believe it , have faith and see it all for ourselves.

I’m not making this up, then again, I’m not asking any of you reading this to believe me. This blog entry serves as my journal and I’m keeping this here.


Trip to Hong Kong (September 5 – 9, 2018)

A magical plane ride



Levy Amosin

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