Nature’s Eye Resort an exclusive paradise


The sun sets breathtakingly in this resort or maybe thats just how I felt every single time I took a photo, the sun seems to magically cast warm pinkish glow over the entire resort. Everything all of a sudden looks extra sparkly, an amazing golden hour experience I must admit. Surrounded by butterflies everywhere, blue birds chirping and singing, waves crashing and trees swaying, my spirit totally was in tune with my body the whole time. By night you’ll see the full moon’s light glimmering as it touches the ocean.


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Everywhere I look no matter what time of the day, everything glitters and candy to my eyes. Literally the ambiance is magical in Nature’s eye resort Guimaras. I call it my new found ‘Paraiso’.


Romantic getaways

I´ve observed that nature also has its way of supporting the resort´s management pursuing an image as the best option of a romantic getaway for couples out there. In fact, if my memory serves me right, it was mentioned by the resort´s classy and very accommodating owner that several romantic trips held here flourished into engagement or wedding proposals. Their guests would usually choose to propose and express their heart’s desire on top of a medium sized rock formation facing the sunset having the ocean as its ultimate witness.

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This resort is also for friends, families or anyone looking to rejuvenate their spirit and find enough inspiration to keep their soul going. I´m telling you this by first hand experience, that´s what this resort did to me.

Nature´s Eye Resort as an exclusive travel destination –

This has to be one of the most exclusive travel destinations in Panay Island. Your privacy is their priority here. Traveling to this paradise requires your commitment and a little bit of saving up. But once you get here, I guarantee you´ll experience a paradise all yours to enjoy, an unspoiled environment, untouched beach, good ´Guimarasnon´ hospitality and amazing local dishes.

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Nature´s eye resort has somehow embraced a high value and quality service over mass tourism impact. The management prefers their clients comfort over cheap travel budget deals. By this I mean, here you will experience less noise from the crowd or the usual annoying problems we get from touristy spots in the Philippines. The serenity and peaceful ambiance of the resort allows their clients to create more private memories together and attain a refreshing trip.


No WIFI making you refresh your mind and body, re-setting your body clock and be more in tuned with nature.



Luxurious native themed interiors. I strongly recommend you bring a really good camera for every corner of this resort is worthy of an awesome photograph.

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1. Cliff Cottage – 3,100 php max capacity of 5

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Cliff cottage is a huge bedroom space best for a sweet escape, here you may witness an amazing view of the sunrise and experience bath literally situated on top of a cliff in a beautiful outdoor shower.

Natures Eye Resort Guimaras

2. Ocean view – lower deck 3, 100 php Max capacity of 8 people and/or Ocean view upper deck 3,900 max of 5 people


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3. Shell cottage – 2, 800 php maximum capacity of 4 people

Natures Eye resort Guimaras

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4. Sunset cottage – 2,600 max 3 people

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A shot of the view from their gorgeous outdoor shower room, and just look at those lighting interiors!

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A few nuggets of wisdom or tips

Island activities

If you´re adventurous, I suggest you book your stay at the resort in a Package deal.
The package would include Island hopping with beach activities such as swimming, snorkelling, floating cottage, full board meals – Breakfast. Lunch, dinner during your stay and your accommodation.


Secluded beach

Find this amazing spot where you can privately swim with your partner or do a romantic beach activity during the sunset, situated at the back of Nature´s eye resort. Only accessible by guests of the resort.

Getting there

Fly to Iloilo
Take a cab to Ortiz Wharf
Take a passenger boat from Iloilo Ortiz Wharf to Jordan wharf , approximately Php 15 per head with a 20 min travel time.

————From Jordan Wharf (Guimaras)

Via Public transportation
Take a public Jeepney to PANDARAONAN and drop off at Dolores crossing for Php 40 – one way on a 20 min. Ride.
Take a single motor also known as habal-habal from Dolores crossing to Brgy. Tando , approximately Php60 per way with a 15 min. Travel time.

Via Private Transportation (Highly recommending this for a hassle free trip)
Contact Tricycle driver Ricky Gaitan (0916) 3687287
Php 500 per one way Approximately 1 hour long drive straight to Brgy. Tando

Contact the resort once you reach Brgy. Tando for pick up

For side trips- Go on a land tour and book with or contact Ricky Gaitan for a safe, compact and reliable tour. Land tour is good for 4-6 hours , maximum of 5-6 people. Costing Php 1,500 only.

Book your stay with Nature´s eye resort by contacting them directly on their Facebook page – Nature’s Eye Resort

*Reminder: Make reservations ahead of your planned trip, this resort is highly in demand.
Safe travels everyone!

Levy Amosin

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