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Wonders of Iloilo : Sicogon’s priceless tan lines and memories

I apologize for being so inconsistent on blogging about what and where I’ve been up to lately. My latest project with Helicam Philippines, a prestigious company composed of talented and smart business men who’s into drones and “heli” shots, have recently caught me off guard. I mean my blogging schedules have been overlapping lately with the trips and shoots we had to take.

So yeah…

Well enough with the apologies and all my wordy explanation. Today I am about to reveal the story behind all the pretty shots posted on my instagram account : @annetours  and the trending itinerary I’ve recently posted online at my Facebook page : Hugging Horizons by Levy Amosin .

One of the wonders of Iloilo Province includes the perfect Island of Sicogon. Right after moving from Manila to Iloilo for four years now, I’ve never had a chance to travel and see the rest of the province due to the busy lifestyle brought by my school and my blogging career. Only now that I was able to explore the rest of my hometown, thanks to HeliCam.


Why is Sicogon priceless?

Here are my reasons.


Clear Water

Sicogon Island

Right after being dropped in the Island this was something that caught my attention. The Water was so clear you’ll find it really confusing if the swimming beach is high or low enough for you. Well, as someone who can only swim with the help of a floating device, I must say that I am very much concerned with stuff like how deep the water is. Some of you might find that funny, but nah… that’s a serious matter for me. Haha

 Sicogon indeed confused me with this part of my beach experience, that’s how clear the water is.

One of the activities we did together was Snorkeling.

If you were able to read my previous post with Helicam Philippines, I’m sure you’re familiar with Philip and Bryan. This time another good friend of HeliCam Philippines joined us… Denny, the funny guy of the group and my travel assistant Rushell. Combining Denny and Philip had me experience the funniest trip ever! They’re like smart clowns who never runs out of the wittiest jokes you’ll ever hear on earth! Never a dull moment with this two!

Sicogon Island

Snorkeling is one of the popular activities and recommended beach adventure in the Island. We asked our boat man to bring us to one of the stony areas of the wide ocean. We then dropped ourselves to the sea (Before I had my self thrown into the sea, I first made sure that my sunscreen is coral reef friendly. It has always been a must for me whenever I travel to make sure that I leave the place as beautiful as how it welcomed me, and the best way to do it is to be a responsible traveler.) and had one of the most unforgettable snorkeling adventure ever!

Sicogon Island

Shots taken using SUPREMO4K

It was my first time to swim with out anybody assisting me… well okay okay, that was for the first few minutes of the experience though. Due to the strong current, I had the hard time returning to the boat so Philip had to pull me out from the location where I’ve been floating for like 10 min. and brought me back to the group. Good thing he was wearing fins, it made the whole “saving me” drama easier.

Another scenario that made the experience unforgettable was when one of the wings of HeliCam’s drone flew apart from its body and dropped somewhere in the wide ocean. As a result, one of the boat men had to dive into the sea with the rest of the team to find the missing piece. Dang! T’was crazy! Good thing the missing wing wasn’t floating and stayed exactly from where gravity dropped it. Manong was keen enough to find it and yeah Hoooray! Drama’s over!

Perfect Light

Sicogon Island

Not to bright… not too dark. Enough light that helped me achieve the perfect tan lines, the gorgeous morena skin tone, which I am honestly wishing to stay longer till …maybe forever?

I’ve got this thing for dark skinned ladies, I find them hotter and sexier than those who’s really fair skinned…like me. This fact made me fall in love with Sicogon. I’m definitely coming back for more tanning sessions and beach memories.




Sicogon Island

Peaceful and pretty, two words that perfectly fits Sicogon. The beach is fairly empty accessorized by fine sand, I admire how astonishing and breathtaking the island is, I just hope this place would remain gorgeous despite the flock of tourists and travelers coming in and out of the area in the next few years.

Tourists and travelers these days must learn how to appreciate and be responsible with their litters. All beaches not just Sicogon deserves to be treated like a precious gem because baby, they’re priceless!  The whole place looks so perfect it literally felt like I was inside the Pinterest world. Every corner was instagramable (If you’re up to hunt for places to take good photos and post online, this place is your next destination.)

The Signal

Sicogon Island

Sicogon is a perfect place to forget and find yourself at the same time. Cellphone signals are not as good in the city, but then as the quote says “Sometimes we have to disconnect in order to reconnect.” and this was one of the magical characteristics this destination can offer.

Balay Kogon


Balay Kogon - Sicogon

Balay Kogon is a resort owned and managed by the Ayalaland Hotels and Resorts Corp., this beautiful paradise themed resort is located in Buaya Beach, Sicogon Island, Carles Iloilo.

I had my contacts at the resort for a quick collaboration that day, Jess the Manager of Balay Kogon made us use some of the hotel facilities, one of the many was the speedboat which we used for a couple of minutes during the shoot.

Balay Kogon -Sicogon

For your information, Balay Kogon offers an intimate lodging experience and sea-to-table home cooked meals and genuine Filipino service.

If you’re asking about the accommodations and the rest of the experience at the resort, I regret to inform you that we were only able to stay for a few minutes around the area due to limited time for the shoot and I wasn’t able to check the rooms for the review.

Here are some photos during the shoot though…

BAlay Kogon - Sicogon

Sicogon Balay Kogon

However here’s a good news! I am planning to visit the resort again sometime this year and do some reviews for you guys, I promise to be honest with all the testimonials I’m about to share with you all!

All in all the Balay Kogon can be compared to another paradise on earth. The ambiance was so dreamy I couldn’t help but scream my heart out, unfortunately the place is still under construction (They’re currently adding rooms to accommodate more guests in the future), so this calls for another visit and yes I’m definitely coming back to experience Sicogon again!

For inquiries and reservations please directly contact the resort-

Click here : BALAY KOGON 

Getting there?

By Air: You guys can fly from Manila to Roxas City (not Iloilo simply because its much closer to get to Estancia Port, but please note that Sicogon is part of Iloilo Province and not Roxas.)

Traveling time: 1 hr.

By Land: You guys can take a van or public bus from Roxas City to PPA Port, Estancia.

Traveling time: 1 and 1/2 hrs.

By Boat: From PPA Port, Estancia you can either rent a boat or take the designated passenger boats to Sicogon Island.

Traveling time: 45 min via pump boat.

What I’m Wearing?

-Boho top / cover up from ANGELFISH Resortwear of Robinsons Department Store

Sicogon Island

-Hybrid Bamboo Shades from PARDO LIFESTYLE

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

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-Aqua Sirena (Mermaid Bikinis) from AboutMaePH

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Shots by Rushell Mosqueda and Levy Amosin

Next up : Isla Gigantes Adventure ( The Giant’s Tale and more!)

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this, for more photos and updated life stories please follow me on instagram at @ANNETOURS and like my facebook page: Hugging Horizons by Levy Amosin for the quick reads and Travel itineraries.  Stay tuned in for more travel and fashion adventures! Happy Travels!

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