Hong Kong Street Foods

Top 5 Hong Kong Street Foods ( A Foddie guide)

Ola! Hello Friends and Family! Before I fly tonight for another adventure, I’d like to share my top 5 Hong Kong street foods. I have to be honest the list you are about to see below totally caught me off guard, so I guess it’s safe to say these are must trys!

Hong Kong Street Foods


Lets begin…


  1. Egg Waffles

These are like regular tasty waffles, it’s just that its crispy! It has this undeniably sweet smell which is def. mouthwatering. These breakable bite-sized waffles are soft on the inside yet light and crispy on the outside.



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2. Steamed Siu Mai

The most popular traditional dim sum. A dish that successfully made its way to every country as an icon to Chinese food.   Despite the rise of the fried dim sum, I’ve observed that the steamed classic is still the most eaten street foods around Hong Kong and I do believe that this is the best afternoon snack! Cheap and keeps your stomach full too!



3. Octopus Tentacles

Not the most appealing food! But def. the most popular among the expats and locals in Hong Kong. The squid/ octopus tentacles is either deep fried, roasted or steamed in a boiling water. You’ll have a choice on super hot chili condiment or the regular one which is popular among the Hongkongers.


4. Curry Fish Balls

100% made of fish! Served since 1950’s. Not your ordinary fish ball I tell you!  I swear this is one of my many favorites in Hong Kong! The name says it all though, just allow your taste buds to explain the rest of the mouthwatering experience!

Hong Kong Street Foods

5. Stinky Tofu

Wasn’t able to take a picture since I devoured it immediately. Allow me to explain how yummy this tofu is. It’s stinky yes, but for Asians like me,  I loved how crispy the skin is on the outside but has its soft creamy center! Best with Spicy Sauce! Lots of em!



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Love lots!

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  • Hannah January 29, 2017 at 9:56 am

    i wanna try them all, but where exactyly in Hong Kong po?

    • hugginghorizons February 6, 2017 at 1:55 pm

      Hi Hannah, had the chance to try them out at Causewaybay around Time Square <3


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