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Park Inn Perking up Iloilo’s New ‘Normal’ with Cafe Deluxe

The long range of ups and downs with the Philippine Economy due to the Pandemic has greatly affected the Hotel and Tourism industry, not to mention the undying on and off quarantine protocols. People have been prioritizing safety over anything else, as most of us would address this era as the “surviving” period. However, it can no longer be hidden that people are dying to live again (not merely just survive). 

***By the way, I posted the room tour of our junior suite room on YouTube, you can watch it at the end of this blog post.***


In this blog post, I wish to share my recent discovery in Iloilo City. One of the prestigious hotels in town have gone through their menu, worked in silence and improved their delicacies. I am honoured to introduce and write about something that is a product of both discipline and passion. 


‘Ani’ Dining Restaurant

Park Inn by Radisson Iloilo

The term “Ani” in Hiligaynon means to harvest, so basically when you come by this dining restaurant you may notice their farm-like inspired interiors which showcases rice crops that allows guests to feel like traveling without even leaving the city. I had the chance to take a photo at their entrance during my visit and I find this photo really instagram worthy.


Cafe Deluxe (High tea menu)

Park Inn by Radisson Iloilo

During my recent visit ‘Cafe Deluxe’ was introduced to me along with various new desserts and delicacies that are offered at Ani dining Restaurant. Allow me to share more about this experience of gastronomic delights through a semi-photo journal.


-Combination of Filipino delicacies and international pastries (using locally sourced ingredients)

-Paired with your choice of coffee, tea, hot chocolate or milk (Unlimited / Free-flowing)

-Assortments vary everyday (Chef’s discretion)

– Available everyday at 2-5 PM


Unlimited Coffee


A highly talked about topic and honestly quite made noise on social media is this Free flowing drinks of coffee, milk, tea and hot chocolate. Allow me to expound and elaborate more on the choices offered at ‘Ani’ Dining.


Panay Brew in French Press

FullSizeRender (7)

As mentioned during our conversation, the beans are locally sourced within Panay Island such as Capiz, Antique and Janiuay Iloilo. I think what makes this brew quite charming is the fact that this supports women, not to mention the fact that the coffee cup used is also locally produced.


New Normal , New Dessert

Park Inn Radisson Iloilo

Another exciting offer is bound to happen as Chef Vance Bolivar is about to showcase his talents to the public. His latest creation includes this Deconstructed Lemon, meringue , tart with ‘batuan’ (A unique Ilonggo dessert which is about to perk up everybody’s afternoon). According to Chef, this upcoming dessert is composed of two kinds of merengue ; one is baked and one is a fluff marshmallow. This also comes with lemon curd and ‘batuan (For sustainability purpose, lemon peels are candied). Chef also mentioned that this dessert may also come with Vanilla Icecream. 


To be honest, I am truly honoured to be one of the first people to try this dessert. One that really caught my attention was how the textures of the fluff marshmallow, merengue complimented the sweet and sour taste of the candied lemon peels. Crazy how this combination subconsciously brought me to the feels of traveling to France or some European country yet having me grounded to my Filipino culture through the presence of ‘Batuan’. Truly an amazing dining experience I must say.


New Normal, New Drinks


I was about to leave ‘Ani’ Dining that evening when another drink was brought out by Chef Vance and Miss Mykaella. Here I was able to end the evening with “Green Life” Juice (Php 130.00 | 16 oz), a combination of sweet basil, pineapple, citrus and honey. Without bias, I must say that this is one of the addicting refreshing juice I have ever tried in my years of blogging. It must be the combination or I’m not really sure but no words can surmount how addicting this drink got me. Writing this review makes me crave that juice even more. I think I’ll have to drop by Park Inn Iloilo and din at ‘Ani’ restaurant one of these days.


Things I love about the place6A044F33-FACB-444D-9E92-ED2F20010E89Allow me to end this blog post with the things that I love about the place and a quick room tour of our recent staycation at this hotel (Hope you enjoy the video, don’t forget to subscribe!) :


-Free Wifi Access

-Brilliant location (Walking distance from SM City)

-Great for friends to catch up and dine with

-Intimate lunch or dinner can be done here

-Private meetings are very much suitable for the ambiance

-Quiet afternoons away from the noise of the crowd

-Beautiful interiors

-Accommodating staffs and very talented Chef


Might drop by ‘Ani’ Restaurant due to their amazing menu and revamped delicacies, please say “Hello” when you see me. Would love to chat and talk about life. Stay safe everyone and take things one day at a time! See you on my next blog. 



Levy Amosin


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