Iloilo’s Steak Heaven

Jamie’s Steak Room

(A mouthwatering adventure)

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Jamie’s Steak Room is the restaurant fit for people with humongous appetite. A steak room any person would love to visit and dine.

Last March 11, 2018 was my father’s birthday. I knew about this restaurant through Mr. Jethro Del Rosario and opted to try it out. To cut the story short, my family and I celebrated my Father’s important day at Jamie’s steak room.

To my surprise this place is really classy and I must insist they’ve got a great number of exceptional dishes to offer. Yup, here I am tonight blogging about my new discovery! For today’s blog entry allow me to introduce to you another great restaurant found in Iloilo City.


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Jamie’s Steak room is a classy restaurant with scrumptious dishes sold at very reasonable prices. It is located at the 2nd floor building of SM Southpoint.

Indoor or Outdoor


During our visit, we were given choices to dine outside or inside the artsy restaurant. Of course we chose to enjoy the ambiance brought by the steak room—we dined inside.



Let me tell you the story of our table. Yup, a story. I once read a good book saying

“A pretty table should not only reflect a theme or an occasion but also tell the story of the family that gathers there.”- Daphne Oseña Paez

And this exactly was the vibe brought by Jamie’s Steak Room. The table wasn’t all over-designed, it was a simple set up with strict and carefully followed theme of a classy steak room, yet the vibe brought by how the elements were set gave a special feeling bringing the ambiance from the diner’s home to their restaurant.

The table set up was gorgeous, homely and comforting reminding every diner to talk to eachother and start a good conversation. Eating here felt like reconnecting with good old memories and subconsciously creating new cherished scrumptious adventures.

Industrial lighting. Excellent and classic. I noticed hanging jars with bulbs from the ceiling keeping a dreamy and romantic feel fitting for the night and all-day brunch dates too.

The Wooden walls. 

Details, details, details. This restaurant is seriously devoted to present their place as one of the most instagrammable place here in the city. I’m telling you they’re definitely on the expert level.

Rustic Kitchen Bar. 

Another farmhouse element I found at Jamie’s steak room. Painted in an artistic style, enticing people like us to eat beefy steak and enjoy the food like there’s no one watching!


The delish character(s)

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Nutritous dishes are indeed needed to start our day and I am confident enough to recommend this restaurant to all of you.

Fiber, protien, fat, calcium, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids, anti-oxidants — name it! Jamie’s steak room gotcha all!

Dessert wizard.

I must insist indeed they are. Here I tried the best selling dessert : Sizzling Caramel Cake (₱180)


To describe how the scrumptious adventure went— a diversion of different temperature, texture, sweet and salty caramel which made the experience addicting and asked our brains to crave more.

Below are the list of dishes with photos served that day:


Clam Chowder & Corn (150) , this one was really rich in flavor and thick in texture, served in a reasonable amount, living you with a satisfied belly—worth every penny.

Summer Salad (220) , I love salad. In fact, it’s been three months since I started placing this dish to my daily routine. From then on my energy got even higher as well as my mood despite having critical schedules and various projects here and there. Back to the restaurant’s salad, one of the best I’ve had so far, not to mention the humongous serving.


Nachos (220) , a heavy (HEAVY) snack indeed. Jamie’s steak room is generous when it comes to quantity, also I’m surprised by the indespensable dip served along with this dish. It added drama to the whole delish adventure, leaving me in awe making it a big hit during our all-day brunch date.

Chicken wings (160) , coated in barbeque sauce and served with sour cream dip. One of my favorites I must say. I mean I can eat this dish all day if you’ll let me. I can even have it for a month without getting bored by its taste. Not kidding.

Let’s go to the main beefy character(s)…

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Half back ribs (380)

Porterhouse (530)

Fillet Mignon (350)

Black Angus Ribeye (1,450)

All beefy and well-done.

The Black Angus Ribeye did stole my heart that day. I was mesmerized by how tender and beefy it was.

The half balk ribs was sweet, with a few spices playing around our tongue , tender and juicy both on the outer and inner areas of the dish.

The rest were served like a masterpiece which we’ll surely cherish.

Wagyu beef experience


Wagyu Cubes (480) , this dish was served at our table — raw. This made the bond of our family even closer, my mother cooked the wagyu beef cubes in front of us while we cherish every moment of her being our mom and our father throwing jokes around making the day even brighter.

We also had our drinks in a form of slushies.

On the right (standing) is my younger Brother ( Jr.) , Middle (Angelo Jethro Del Rosario Executive Asst. of Jamie’s Steak room) , Yours truly — On the right (standing) My mom (JoAnne) , in the middle is my father (Felix) and my younger sister (Chloe)

On the left (standing) is my younger Brother ( Jr.) , Middle (Angelo Jethro Del Rosario Executive Asst. of Jamie’s Steak room) and Yours truly — On the left (sitting) is My mom (JoAnne) , next to my father (Felix) and my younger sister (Chloe)

To sum it up, here’s what I think made this restaurant unique from the rest— their savory dip(s), their secret recipe for seasoning the beefy steak, the meat itself was chosen carefully served to their customers in full pack. High quality and in generous quantity. A combination of kitchen elements for sure any family will love.


I hope this blog entry did aid you on finding the ultimate steak heaven in Iloilo City. Oh and by the way may I remind you all that despite our busy life, where in we juggle our time and the best we can be for others, we must also remember that it is important to treat ourseleves with great food and good company — come to Jamie’s steak room and pamper your self with the steak you deserve.

Social media accounts to follow:

Instagram: @jamiessteakroom

Facebook page: Jamie’s Steak room

See you on my next blog post! Happy travels and never forget to keep hugging horizons.


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