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Must try dishes of Hotel Jen Manila

Last September I had one of the extraordinary staycation in Manila and this was made possible by the luxury hotel in Pasay named Hotel Jen…

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If you’re following me on instagram you may have the hint of how my Executive suite looked like, above is a photo of a part of the executive suite, the room was extremely spacious with a mesmerizing view of Manila Bay, overlooking the busy lanes of Pasay and PICC where the international and local conventions are held.

Yet, I would like to elaborate more about the executive suite on another blog entry, which may be up this week. Tonight please do focus your attention on the finest dishes of Hotel Jen Manila in Pasay. During my three days and two nights stay I was given a chance to wine and dine at their hotel restaurants and below are my personal recommendations:

Hotel Jen’s Restaurant : Latitude

Dishes from Latitude’s Buffet stations that you have to try:

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  1. Turon Halo-halo (Chef’s specialty): This looks like the typical “turon” with a twist, what’s inside it aren’t the usual banana or vegetables but rather the country’s most famous dessert “HALO-HALO”.
  2. Langka Sansrival
  3. Roasted Lamb (available at the buffet station)
  4. Salad Bar (Buffet station)
  5. Wine all the way (Free flowing wines when we you avail of the buffet)
  6. Jen’s Ice cream
  7. Dessert Station (White Chocolate Brownies with Pistacio Nuts, blueberry yogurt Panacotta and more)
  8. Fresh catch of seashells: You may have it Grilled, Steamed or buttered garlic.
  9. Seafood Platter (Too bad I’m allergic to shrimps, I badly wanted to devour this dish, but I had to control myself. However, for the seafood fans out there, no need to travel hours away from the city, I can guarantee that you wouldn’t regret ordering seafood from Hotel Jen Manila’s hotel restaurant.)
  10. Indian vegetarian station
  11. Pasta station (The chef on duty usually prepares your choice of pasta and ingredients in front of you.)
A photo of the "Wine all the way" station

A photo of the “Wine all the way” station

Below this is a photo of the Roast Lamb which I tried during the lunch buffet. ❤️✨

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Above is a closer shot of the seafood platter prepared by the Luxury Hotel Chef and carefully presented during the lunch buffet.

Here’s a closer shot of the “Turon with a twist (Halo-Halo)” which is to die for!

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For more information about Latitude, please click here.

Kitsho (Japanese Restaurant & Sake Bar)

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KITSHO, is another restaurant inside Hotel Jen Manila, which serves authentic Japanese dishes and has it’s own Sake Bar. The restaurant has a modern space and contemporary design with booth and lounge seats that can accommodate 92 persons. There are four private rooms which are ideal for intimate gatherings and can seat up to 20 persons. Kitsho is not only famous for their cuisine but also served as the meeting hub for the local artists and celebrities in the country.

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The Chef

Japanese Executive Chef Masahiro Mizumoto (水本 晶弘)

The Japanese Executive Chef Masahiro Mizumoto has 30 years of experience. He was born in Tokyo, Japan and begun with his cooking career in 1984.

During my stay I got a chance to interview and speak with Japanese Executive Chef Masahiro Mizumoto, he mentioned that he’s hands on and he does the grocery to pick the ingredients for Kitsho.

Also, part of my itinerary was to dine and try out Kitsho’s dishes. the restaurant offers a wide range of sushi, sashimi, tempura and more. Sake lovers patronizes Kitsho’s cozy bar that features an extensive sake list.

I had my dinner on the second night with my best friend Kaye and I have to say they were serious when they mentioned authenticity of Japanese dishes.

Having been to Japan, I can honestly sense the difference between an imitation from the authentic cuisines , and I must admit that KITSHO is one of the few Authentic Japanese restaurants in Manila. So if you are looking or craving for that sushi to die for, I totally recommend you visit this restaurant inside Hotel Jen Manila.

Below is our photo with Japanese Executive Chef Masahiro Mizumoto of Kitsho …

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Also, here are my top 5 recommended dishes which you may try when you visit the restaurant:

         My top choices

  1. Spicy Sushi
  2. Japanese dumpling
  3. Chicken Karage
  4. Tempura
  5. Ramen

For further details about Kitsho please click here.

Windows by the bay

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#WindowsbytheBay is a lounge located at the 19th floor of Hotel Jen, there’s so much to look forward to about this lounge, the stunning view, their undeniably great cocktail drinks and more. I promise to talk more about #WindowsbytheBay on another blog entry.

Hoped you guys liked this blog entry, till my next staycation update! For more live stories and recent events you may follow me on instagram : @levyamosin. Have a great day ahead!

P.s : Don’t forget to keep following your dreams. Always remember that your passion is the best profession and never forget to keep hugging horizons!

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