Antique: Alpas, Tobias Fornier in a nutshell


An all bamboo restaurant, pleasantly introducing the concepts of a sustainable lifestyle. We were welcomed by the couple owners named Kim and Ken. The bamboo structure which I consider a piece of art have impressed most of us, as it projects a sustainable and relaxing ambiance of a dining restaurant. During our visit we noticed a few stands featuring local environmentally-conscious products found at their gift shop, each product had a story to tell.



The interiors were built by Antiqueño carpenters hired by the couple and had their imagination translated into reality. An advocacy in supporting local, organic farming and sustainable living can totally be seen and felt in every corner of Alpas. If you like a quiet, relaxing weekend then this place is perfect.


Various kinds of organic ingredients come from here. It’s an incredible concept of business while promoting farming as nature’s gem.

Beach Front

Stroll a little further and you’ll discover a sort of private beach with an amazing sunset view. A fishing village is also surrounding this area, making your visit quite grounded and nearer to nature. Here you may also experience watching the fishermen go about their activities.

The food is an experience

Alpas restaurant

Be prepared to be blown away by the usual common ingredients prepared in a very different manner. Yes, its a local restaurant, and yes they are using Filipino ingredients but, no, it is not the usual Filipino dish, not the ones that we’re used to. A unique and authentic way of dining sustainably. Here you’ll find yourself familiar with most ingredients, yet be in awe of a different dish. Here you’ll dine on the flowers of banana, malunggay and bougainvillea. I also found myself dissecting the ingredients and flavors of our meal thrilling. It was definitely delicious and filling. What I haven’t tried though was the dancing chicken, probably coming back for that sooner than I think. If you want food to complement your adventurous trip in Antique, Alpas is highly recommended.

Alpas sustainable restaurant

Please note that they have a changing menu which takes time and preparation so reservations are encouraged, but not required. Meals or dishes are also dependent on what’s available and what can be found at their garden (Which I find quite thrilling since, I’m pretty sure that I’ll get a different experience by my next visit.)

The Guesthouse

Alpas guesthouse


Alpas Guesthouse

You may spend your night in the Guesthouse, where you can enjoy privacy, unwind and just relax to the sound of the waves from the sea. It’s another bamboo inspired architectural design, complete with a private bathroom, toilet, a little attic with a humble but lovely designed bedroom, sustainable and has this amazing ethnic vibe.

All in all, I have to say that Alpas is a great way to experience, inspire and educate ourselves in the concepts of an authentic sustainable lifestyle.

This trip was made possible and arranged by Katahum Tours
Additional note: You may now reach Antique when you fly directly from Clark to Antique (Operates 3x a week)

Have a safe and happy trip everyone! Keep Hugging Horizons.

Levy Amosin

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