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My top picks: Best Korean street food in Myeongdong


A few months ago I visited South Korea and stayed in Seoul for a few days. During my stay I was able to tour around one of the key shopping and food districts in Seoul – Myeongdong.

Along with other tourists on board EON travel and tours, we explored the shopping street in Myeongdong. Yet, I do believe that the best way to really experience a new place, is to immerse ourselves in their culture and one of the easiest ways to do what the locals did, was to taste the scrumptious street food offered in stalls around the area, so I ventured on a little food tour that evening.

To my surprise I found an amazing variety of Korean Street Food on the same lane.

Below are some of the best Korean Street Food you’ll find:

1.Tornado Potato / Hweori Gamja

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Might come as one of the most common street food you’ll see now a days. However, in Myeongdong these spiral-cut potato are sprinkled with seasoned powders like cheese, bbq or onion which in this case makes ita little bit more fancy than the usual.

2. Korean Grilled Cheese Lobster

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It’s served in a reasonably generous snack at 15,000 Won (700.00 PHP). If you have extra cash you’re feeling fancy for snacks and cost is not a major factor, I personally think the Korean grilled cheese lobster is fairly worth it, judging by the size of it and according to my fellow traveler the seafood was indeed fresh and sweet. (Haven’t tried this though since I’m allergic to it.)

3. Tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes)

You’ll almost find this street food everywhere. Some locals also call it the following: teokbokki, ddeokbokki and topokki. Cylinder-shaped rice cakes cooked in gochujang sauce (a sweet, spicy red pepper sauce). This may also be served in a bowl with egg, noodles or cheese, or simply in a stick.

4. Odeng / Eomuk Tang

“Odeng” is derived from the Japanese word of “Oden”, while “Eomuk” is the native Korean word. “Tang” refers to soup. These are fishcake on skewers served with hot soup. I prefer to have these skewers during the cold weather, just like when we visited, the season was Autumn and the breeze was really freezing during the night. This snack can keep you warm by holding the hot cup or bowl in your hands.

5. Gyeran-Bbang (Egg bread)

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Steamed little loaves of bread with a whole egg inside, and they usually taste both sweet and fluffy. I suggest if you’ve got enough time to roam around the street, take your time on looking for good food stalls, some Gyeran-Bbang stalls are serving better tasting dish than others.

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6. Crispy Crablets

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Deep fried crispy baby crabs. Haven’t tried this because of allergies though, but my fellow tourist mentioned that these crabs have softer body making shells softer than the usual.

7. Deep Fried Giant Squid ( Ojingeo Twigim)

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Any Calamari fans in here? It’s almost the same only that it’s a gigantic squid deep fried! Typically, the squid is chopped into pieces and served in a disposable box, sprinkled with a salty powder. Also you may choose to savagely devour the whole squid if you feel like it!

8. Steamed Octopus Legs

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Octopus tentacles are cut into bite-sized pieces, steamed then skewered. Steaming retains the natural, fresh flavours and bouncy texture.

9. Steamed Corn

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A famous winter food. Some corns are steamed without any salt and butter, but still taste fresh and sweet because they are from the local farms. You may also ask to add butter and honey.

10. Waffles

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Buttery, thick, soft and fluffy, often served with ice cream and whipped cream.

11. Croissant Bungeoppang

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Also known as the ‘goldfish bread’, a pancake typically filled with red bean. Somewhat like the Japanese Taiyaki. Only that this is a croissant version and has a flaky pastry dough.

12. Korean soft serve

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Cost 2,000 Won ( 94.00 PHP) served in 32 cm tall.  They come in twist flavours of chocolate and vanilla, green tea and vanilla or strawberry and yogurt.



  1. One should prepare change, most Korean Street Food cost average 2,000 Won – 5,000 Won (PHP 98.00 to PHP 233.00).
  2. Be a responsible tourist. If possible you may also opt to carry a paper bag for disposal as random trash cans or bins are not that easy to find.


Myeongdong-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul
Seoul Subway Line 4 Myeongdong Station Exit 7



See you on my next blog post. Safe travels everyone!



Levy Amosin


Trip made possible and sponsored by EON Travel and Tours

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