Mambukal Resort, Negros Occidental, Levy Amosin

Rejuvenating “Neverland” a few min away from Bacolod

Have you ever tried indulging yourself with nature and felt like pixie dust are being sprinkled all over you? Have you ever felt like playing in the woods, running away from the stress brought by city life? Dreaming of taking that stunning shot like the ones you see in story books?

Did you know that it will only take you less than an hour to reach a place that offers all the imaginary wonders you’ve been dreaming about lately?

On my journey discovering Bacolod, I was able to visit  Mambukal Resort in Negros Occidental. This place is a quintessence of Beauty, Adventure and Comfort.

Read this article till the end & discover more about what this beautiful resort can offer.

Activities offered in the resort are as follows:

Trek to the 7 breathtaking waterfalls

Allow the pictures to describe how stunning this place is…


mambukal resort




Have you ever done trekking? Your not alone. This was actually my first time, and since I got back safely, I’m totally recommending this for first time trekkers like me!

Imagine all these rock Formations! <3


mambukal resort

The 7 waterfalls is part of a big mountain stream, fed by several tributaries, descends in a series of 7 waterfalls, cuts through the resort, feeding the water holes and boating lagoon with crystal waters.

Speaking of boating, here’s another attraction from the resort you must not miss!

Boating Lagoon

Mambukal Resort

Honestly, this has been one of the most picturesque landscape I have even been too! imagine yourself paddling at the boating lagoon with your special one / Peter Pan? Wendy? or whoever you wanna bring here with!

P30.00 per person



Hot Mineral Baths


Another of the numerous must try here at Mambukal resort are the Hot mineral baths inspired by the Rotenburo in Japan. Have you been to Japan? well I did, sadly I was too scared to try their authentic sauna…good thing this place have the same hot mineral baths too.

  1. Warm sulfur dipping pool

    mambukal resort, negros occidental, sulfur bath

sulfur bathm negros occidental


2. Japanese Ofuro

levy amosin, colz vidal, hot sulfur bath, mambukal resort


mambukal resort, hot sulfur bath


It was said that dipping in warm sulfur pool  is good for the body, it takes away tension and stress, soothes muscle pains and stimulate the blood circulation. Cool noh? (That’s Colleen Vidal in the Photo, I wasn’t able to take pics at the Japanese Ofuro, since I found it way too hot and my skin can’t bare that much heat. 🙁 *sorry for being so maarte. I took Colleen’s photo instead, just so I could share to you guys, how the Japanese Ofuro looks like. 🙂


P100.00 per person/day

Ishiwata Bath House
P150.00 per person/30mins



3 different species of flying foxes around the area

Mambukal Resort, Flying Fox


  1. Golden crowned flying fox
  2. Large Flying Fox
  3. Common Island Flying Fox

Other life forms

2.  Fruit bats

2.  Countless Butterflies


Other Recreational Facilities

a. 200 Meter Zip Line

b. Hanging Bridge

c. Wall Climbing

d. Swimming pool

e. Blade’s Spa

f. Butterfly Garden <3

Due to the limited time given to us bloggers, we weren’t able to try all the activities offered by the resort. Good thing we were able to see and experience the highlights though.




Check-In Time: 2 P.M. / Check-out Time: 12NN

Adult P50.00
Kids 11 years & below P20.00
Light Vehicles P15.00
Trucks/Buses P30.00


Matrimonial P1,700.00
1 Single & 1 Matrimonial P2,000.00
4 Single Beds P2,400.00
Extra Bed P200.00
Family Cottage
Extra Foam P100.00


LGU Cottage
Good for 2 pax P900.00
Good for 4 pax P1,200.00
Good for 6 pax P1,500.00
Extra Foam P100.00

Tourist Lodge
Ordinary Room P600.00
Deluxe Room P750.00
Family Room P1,000.00

(Exclusive Use – good for 20 packs) P2,000.00

P30.00 per person

Picnic Huts
Big P600.00
Small P300.00
Tables w/ 4 Chairs P100.00
Additional Foam P100.00

Transport Service
Coaster (25 seater)
(Bcd-Mam-Bcd) P2,800.00
Urvan (12 seater)

Conference Hall
– Entirely versatile with audio-visual, lighting and meeting equipment for seminars, conferences and banquets
– The entire hall is divisible into 3 sections and can accommodate up to 300 persons.

Entire Hall P12,000.00
Per Hall for 8 hours P4,000.00
Per Hall for 4 hours P2,500.00
Per Hall additional per hour P500.00

P100.00 per person/day
Ishiwata Bath House
P150.00 per person/30mins
Catering Services is available
– with set meals and buffet choices


Swimming Pools
Adult P50.00
Kids 11 years & below P20.00
Wall Climbing
P25.00 per person
Slide for Life
P50.00 per person
Canopy Walk
P25.00 per person
P30.00 per person
Butterfly Garden
P25.00 per person


Getting There

From Manila:

Book a flight via PAL / Cebu Pac to Bacolod City (55 min away)

*tip watch out for seat sales / promo fares 😀

From Bacolod:

Take a public ride at the terminal located at North Western side of Libertad Public Market. (32 km away from the resort passing through the municipality of Murcia.)


For Inquiries

Mambukal Resort Reservation Office Old Capitol Road, Bacolod City

(034) 433-8516/ (034) 709-0990


Mambukal Resort

Brgy. Minoyan, Municipality of Murcia,

Province of Negros Occidental

(034) 4730610


The question is “What now?” Go grab some friends, indulge yourselves with nature, sink into a hot sulfur bath, be like Peter Pan & Wendy and take over this Neverland.


mambukal resort, negros occidental


“Neveland is home for lost girls like me, and Lost girls like me are free…”-Ruth B




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