Cagayan North, Batutay

North PH EATinerary : Must Try Foods & restaurants w/ jaw dropping views

North Philippines is bounded by the Pacific Ocean  and is cuddled by the lush mountain ranges. Obviously, this place is rich in alluvial soil that will surely grow anything. With the Philippine tropical climate, there is always something ready to be harvested. The whole area also has abundant Farm life, here’s a list of the farm products that grow in the North : Chickens, Cow, Ducks, Turkeys ,Meat, Eggs, Milk and a lot more! Are you planning to visit the North side of the Philippines anytime soon? Here’s a list of the must try dishes and Restaurants with Jaw dropping views.


Must Try Foods

Milka Krem

Milka Krem























Milka Krem is a food and beverage company, where consumers and tourists can drop by to purchase all kinds of dairy products made from fresh Carabao Milk. During our visit I loved how their Mozarella and coffee tasted! I will definitely come back for more!

Location: Milka Krem

Muñoz, Nueva Ecija, Philippines.

Open from 8 Am to 6 Pm


Tilapia Ice cream

Tilapia Icecream

If you’re wondering what’s it composed off? Steamed Tilapia fillet, all-purpose cream, condensed milk, fresh milk, Chopped walnut and diced the cheese. An aquatic Ice cream minus the fishy taste and smell. This is one of the many awarded dishes in the country. Tilapia Ice cream was invented by Professor Dana G. Vera Cruz of the College of Home Science and Industry of the Central Luzon State University (CHSI-CLSU) .


Location:  Available at the Chives Cafe in CLSU Nueva Ecija.

How much?

One gallon : 700 pesos

smaller sandwiches : 30 pesos each


Puno’s Icecream & Sherbet

Puno's Ice cream

No wonder why this dessert brought so much noise on social media and has recently been taking tourists attention! Puno’s Ice cream has been one of the best Ice cream I have ever tasted, dangerously addictive too! Don’t ever leave Nueve Ecija without trying this out, it’s worth the drive!


Location: Puno’s Ice Cream

Maharlika Highway, Bitas, 3100 Cabanatuan City
Tel. Nos.: (044) 464-8694 / 463-0818
Mobile Nos.: (0932) 881-4249 / (0922) 533-4987




(c) BuyandSellPH


Another Variant of Chicharon, my newest obsession and I can totally smell another viral in the Snack industry!


Lighthouse Cooperative Ybanag Food Products
Address: Jose Alma Arcade, 39 Luna Street
Tuguegarao City, Cagayan


Batutay (Longganisa) & Piat Pawa

Cagayan North, Batutay

(In the Photo: The popular Batutay *longganisa* , Tapa, Native Egg and Pawa *white sticky rice, plated in banana leaf*)


A very popular Pure Beef Longganisa called “Batutay” by the locals of the North. Available in Garlic Flavor and  Hamonado. The taste was so pure my fellow bloggers and I even had to get out of our way just to purchase this native sausage from the wet market.



Steamed buns made from glutinous rice filled with ground sticky peanuts (tasted like sticky rice filled with peanut butter)


Available in :

Local Wet Markets of Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija


Pancit Batil Patong

Pancit Batil Patong

A famous noodle cuisine in Tuguegarao, Cagayan. Composed of handmade noodles with toppings, a sauce that can be compared to a non concentrated birds nest soup. A fried poached egg is topped along with the meat and other savory ingredients on the noddles. All components must be present when eating this native cuisine to experience the traditional local flavor. the sauce enhanced the whole noodle dish experience.


Location: Several Pancit Batil Patung Restaurants in Tuguegarao City , Cagayan.



Restaurants with jaw dropping views


Balai Carmela Capitol Hills, Tuguegarao City

Balai Carmela Capitol Hills, Tuguegarao City

Balai Carmela Capitol Hills in Tuguegarao City has been one of the coziest place I have ever visited in the North. Their ambiance is so welcoming I can’t help but feel so comfortable with almost everything this place can offer. The place has this compact pool in front of the Inn where friends and families can gather. their amenities and cozy function hall is perfect for reunions and gatherings of medium sized groups.


Balai Carmela Capitol Hills, Tuguegarao City


Balai Carmela Capitol Hills, Tuguegarao City



Dining here felt like home

Their breakfast and dinner buffet is also based on a “home” set up, which makes every visitor and tourist feel like their not far from home. The whole ambiance of Balai Carmela Capitol Hills projects a Home away from home.



Balai Carmela Capitol Hills, Tuguegarao City



#1250 Dunkin Drive, Caggay

Tuguegarao City, Cagayan
Contact: Call (078) 377 0032
Social media accounts to follow: Balai Carmela

Castle in the Sky Magapit Lal-Lo Cagayan

Castle in the sky Magapit, Lal-lo Cagayan


Dining with a unique native arrangement could always be something that would personally make me fall in love with a certain restaurant and this was the same reason why I’m definitely coming back to Lal-lo Cagayan. Castle in the Sky is located at Magapit Lal-lo Cagayan along the highway. I admire how quiet and peaceful this place is, but most of all its jaw dropping back drop of the Cagayan River totally found the road to my heart. We weren’t able to dine in the restaurant itself due to our hectic and limited schedule, I can’t give you reviews on how the food and the serving was, but I would definitely recommend this place for quick stop overs. Allow some of the photos I’ve taken during our visit to describe how mesmerizing the views of this place can be.


Castle in the sky Magapit, Lal-lo Cagayan

The jaw dropping back drop of the Cagayan River, the longest and largest in the country.


Castle in the sky Magapit, Lal-lo Cagayan


Castle in the sky Magapit, Lal-lo Cagayan


National Highway of Lal-lo in Gattaran, Cagayan just a few meters from Magapit Suspension bridge.

Location: National Highway of Lal-lo in Gattaran, Cagayan just a few meters from Magapit Suspension bridge.



Harvest Hotel – Cabanatuan

Wondering where to have that perfect breakfast in Cabanatuan? Harvest hotel is the bomb! from buffet breakfast, elegant cozy rooms, beautiful pool and hotel facilities to romantic ambiance.

The Harvest Hotel

The Harvest Hotel


The Harvest Hotel

Love is always in the air at Harvest Hotel Cabanatuan!


Minalungao National Park – Gen. Tinio , Nueva Ecija


Dine with this view!

Minalungao National Park in General Tinio, Nueva Ecija


Food is undeniably mouthwatering too!

Minalungao National Park in General Tinio, Nueva Ecija





Minalungao National Park in General Tinio, Nueva Ecija

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Happy travels Everyone!



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