The Linden Suites Hotel Review

The Linden Suites: Ideal Premium Space for Long Stays


The world has been chaotic for the past first five (5) months of the year 2020, it is no secret that our struggle to survive the level of anxiety this year has exceeded the highest measure. From heavy ash fall brought by the eruption of Taal Volcano, down to the present COVID-19 pandemic that we are currently facing. All these facts have affected our mental state.

I for one believe that people are now more aware of taking care of our mental health in comparison to the previous years of our lives. The pandemic did not just make us realize how essential life is but also pointed out what is wrong with our previous lifestyle. Gone are the days where we tend to ignore anxiety and pretend that things are fine even when they are not. We are not robots and as human beings; we are bound to adapt and create various formula to survive.

Our mental health is as essential as our physical health, we cannot function well, interact properly nor be productive when we disregard our mindfulness journey.

In this blog post, I wish to share one of my unforgettable ‘breaks’ and how it helped me regain the right amount of energy to keep going on with life. Today I would like to share an ideal place, a hotel designed to support our mindfulness journey, a break we greatly deserve after Lockdown, after all of this is over.

The Linden Suites

Flawless spacious suites for all types of Staycationers

The Linden suites Hotel Review

The Linden suites Hotel Review

Taking a break, is a therapeutic way of recharging both our mind and body. The Linden Suites was able to have me experience a luxurious lifestyle without breaking the bank.

I can still recall how I arrived at the hotel late in the afternoon, all exhausted from work at the radio station. A staycation scheduled days before the President of the Philippines implemented Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ). Things were tough and commute was beyond challenging during those moments, tourists and locals were quite anxious days before the declaration. With so much on my plate, I knew I needed the break from noise of the world.

Location and parking spaces

The Linden Suites is easily accessible by car, walking distance from malls, restaurants, bars and even our broadcasting station. I even had the chance to walk a few minutes to reach and attend one quick meeting right before I checked in that day. I also noticed how guests commended their parking spaces when I arrived.

The Lobby

Elegant, classic and timeless interiors. A friendly professional staff with bright cheerful smile welcomed me that afternoon, perfect to set my mood that this ‘break’ is finally happening. I was then politely accompanied to my bedroom suite after I got my key card.

Sophisticated Spacious Rooms

Linden suites hotel review

Linden suites

The linden suites hotel review

I stayed at an affordable sophisticated spacious 1-to-3-bedroom suite. Their spacious suites offered flat-screen TVs, free Wi-Fi and sitting areas. The bedroom suites include kitchenettes, dining areas and sitting rooms. Some upgraded suites have whirlpool tubs and washer/dryers. Room service is available 24/7.

I enjoyed my stay there as I spent most of my time like a ‘Room Magnet’. I preferred staying in the entire day snuggling up in bed, listening to music, reading a book and filmed a quick virtual tour which you may watch below:

During my stay, I was a master of ordering room service.

I only got out of bed when delivery has arrived, or when nature calls. Lol. My aim was to have that much needed therapeutic staycation to begin with.

The Linden suites Hotel Review



There where also moments when my body asked me to dress up, take some lovely photos for remembrance like those below:

The Linden suites Hotel Review


The Linden suites Hotel Review





For residents and staying guests, they offer a space for productivity. In case you need to finish some tasks or answer emails. The hotel also offers an office like spaces for in-house guests. Here you may plug in your laptop at their provided power outlets and get your work done.

The Hotel also offers huge spaces for big events and alike. Function halls were brilliantly designed to cater all kinds of events.

Get fit, Lounge and relax (Health Clubs)

The Linden suites Hotel Review

During my first night, I enjoyed a whole-body massage at their Health Club. Along with it I was also impressed with how everything seems to be well organized, their fitness gym, their sauna area, jacuzzi, to their swimming pool. It was one amazing stop at property. A place where you can completely pamper yourself the entire day.

The Linden suites Hotel Review


Food and Beverage ( The Happy Chef)

The Linden suites Hotel Review

Below are some of the meals that have exceeded my expectations during my stay:

 Grilled Tuna Belly with buttered vegetables

The Linden suites Hotel Review


Osso Buco, served with a vivid yellow Saffron Risotto

The Linden suites Hotel Review

Salmon Pizza for my last night

The Linden suites Hotel Review


Buffet Breakfast at The Happy Chef
The Linden suites Hotel Review

To conclude my stay, The Linden Suites is perfect for all types of ‘staycationers’, from “Long-staying guests” who are on to making this place their extended home in the planet, “family buddies” wanting large and huge spaces for reunions, “room magnets” who loves cuddling in bed the entire day, “Super solo” who finds staycations therapeutic, a way to complete a mindfulness journey, down to “Hungry foodies” looking at weekends as an opportunity to relax with good food and drinks. And eyes at sampling what the hotel offers.

The Linden Suites

Here everything is therapeutic. The Linden Suites regenerates the lives of busy individuals, making them leave the place with a much-recharged mind, body and spirit ready to take over the world as the economy re-opens for every hopeful soul once again. When the world permits, I really do hope you could experience The Linden Suites, recharge, regain back the energy you’ve always needed. Together we shall bounce back after this prolonged dark era.

Also taking this time to express my admiration to every heroes of the Hotel Industry. We salute your bravery in making the world a better place to stay, even during these dark trying times. We are more than grateful for all the staff going above and beyond your call of duty! Planning to stay at this hotel? Kindly check their official statement below in relation with the Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ).

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Official statement of The Linden Suites in connection with the Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ).

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Till my next blog.


Levy Amosin

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