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Damires Hills : The Perfect Family Destination (Tips, Rates & Virtual tour)

It still feels so surreal to bring and tag my whole family along with me every time I have blog projects. The positive feedback and the invites coming from prestigious resorts of  me coming by, to try and visit their places have drastically been changing my life lately. It has always been my virtue to make my loved ones happy and allow them to experience what the blogging career has been doing to me for this past year, and I couldn’t help but get giddy and be the happiest person alive every single time I see them smile and hear their laughter.

Damires hills

Paolo Tirador a young good looking business man was generous enough to accommodate us and have my whole family experience what Damires can offer. I’ve read on one of their flyers that Damires is the ultimate Family getaway destination and I couldn’t agree more!  I’m so excited to tour you guys around the resort through this blog post.

Damires Hills

Ready for the tour? Read along and let’s experience Damires virtually as I reminisce on how precious it is to wake up in a place with birds singing, a mesmerizing view and collect priceless memories of our families together.


Check in : The Heliconia

We arrived around 1PM and was welcomed by Paolo the General Manager and one of the resort owners with their supervisor Crystal. We were then asked to proceed to our rooms and prepare for lunch at the Norma’s Cafe.


Damires Hills

Heliconia is the newest building in Damires Hills (Fact: It was opened to the public just this May 2017). This was where we had one of the best valued nights of our lives ever!


Damires Hills

Photo above taken at the entrance of Heliconia building.

Damires hills

A shot of my parents while they were on their way to Heliconia <3


The Guest receiving area of Heliconia building

Damires hills


Damires Hills


Welcome! The Resort gave us two Deluxe Rooms in Heliconia ( good for 2-3 pax) which costs Php 3,750 per room. Not bad for the super pretty set up and the stunning view that meets the eye every morning not to mention the endless trail of stars that makes us appreciate how beautiful it is to be alive. Here are some photos I took inside the room 🙂

Damires Hills

Damires Hills

Comfy gorgeous beds accessorized with artsy pillows, ahuh! very pinterest-ish 😉

Damires Hills

One of my favorite parts of the room … The native inspired mirror (Vanity game honestly went strong! You wouldn’t want to know how many mirror selfies were taken here. Haha!)

Room Amenities

(Aircon, LCD TV, Private toilet and bath with hygiene kit, Hot and Cold Shower, complimentary bottled water, Coffee – Tea – Hot water)

Damires Hills

Damires Hills

The Priceless view from my room

This part of the staycation was one of my favorite! I’ve always been a fan of witnessing the beauty brought by nature. The view from my room was literally jaw dropping and stunning enough to make me reflect on how beautiful life can be. Go see for your self…

Damires Hills

Isn’t it breathtaking? Imagine your self waking up to this!

Damires Hills

Couldn’t help but do that cliche Arm swag for my instagram account, indeed my jewelry from Guess complimented the elegance brought by the view of Damires Hills Tierra Verde.

The Balcony

Damires Hills


Now off for Lunch

On our way back to Norma’s Cafe we were asked to ride the golf cart… Here’s a photo of my mom riding the gorlf cart.


Damires Hills

On the other hand, the view was way too beautiful I asked manong to drop me off for a quick photo.

Damires hills

Damires hills

The Norma’s Cafe

Damires hills

For lunch we were served the following Estofadong Baka (Php 295) , Crispy Pork Sisig (Php265), Native Chicken Binakol (Php 295), Ensaladang Bagnet (Php 265). Not in the photo : Smoothies (Matcha green tea, Green mango shake, banana shake and coke in can)


Outside Norma’s Cafe is a super instagrammable hanging chair…

Damires hills

The Cafe also sells native delicacies like Cacao 😉

Damires hills

We then had a quick tour of the resort where we saw the pool and more artsy cogons (kubo) surrounding the whole place.


Pool is open from 7AM-9PM ( Note: pool is only open until 7PM for daytime guests)


Late Merienda (Snacks) at Norma’s Cafe

Damires hills


Here’s what we had for our late merienda (For snacks: La Pinay Pizza (Php325, good for 3-4 pax) Four Cheese blend and mushrooms, Pancit Buko (Php 285, good for 3-4 pax)- Thai flat noodles, young coconut, oyster sauce, seafood and caramel pork + a choice of hot chocolate, coffee and tea ) – Heavy snacks indeed and very delish too!




Damires hills

The resort has been feeding us scrumptious meals since we’ve arrived that day. As a result we opted not take our dinner and went back to our rooms early that night.


Other services

Damires Hills

Massaged by an expert that night, as far as I can remember the therapist’s name was Juvy. It was my first time to have my whole body massaged and it felt good, in fact it’s addicting. Haha! I didn’t took any photo while the massage was going on for the process required me to take off some of my clothes. so yeah. (Note: This service is only available upon request.)


Adventure time


Canopy Walk

I woke up to a very mesmerizing view. It was 5am when I got up that day and the ambiance was definitely breathtaking. Tip: Take the Canopy walk around 7 AM while it’s not too hot yet. Go for the Hanging Bridge this part of the adventure is a must! 😉

Damires Hills



(All Terrain Vehicle)

Rates: 300 PHP

Damires Hills Iloilo

A Family Photo during our ATV Adventure. Endless thank you to Damires Hills Tierra Verde for this one of a kind experience!

Here are some of the photos taken during our ATV adventure…


Meet Manong (My bad, I wasn’t able to get his name.) He’s the one operating and assisting us during the ATV adventure.

Damires Hills : The Perfect Family Destination (Tips, Rates & Virtual tour)

What to wear during the ATV?

  • For skin conscious, make sure to wear sun block during the whole adventure.

Damires Hills

  • Wear comfortable clothes. I’m wearing a Giordano Shirt from i- Hermes Enterprisestheir products are perfect for rough travels and adventures like this! i-Hermes enterprise also offers fashionable basic T’s that you can wear during high endurance activities like zip line and more!
  • Avoid stylish sandals, instead go for comfortable shoes or sandals built for adventures (I’m wearing FILA that day).

Damires Hills



Zipline Sitting : 200PHP

Zip-line Superman: 300 PHP

Damires Hills

Still wearing Giordano Polo shirt by i-Hermes Enterprise

Damires Hills Zip-line

What we’re wearing?

Photo above is a picture of me and my younger sister Chloe wearing Angel fish resort wear, and me wearing Giordano Polo Shirt from i-Hermes Enterprise.

Damires Hills

Weee! hahahahahhhahahaha! (nuff said)

Bid our Goodbyes to the beautiful Damires Hills with a Heavy Lunch ( Norma’s Cafe)

Damires Hills

Here’s a Photo of my whole Family with Paolo Tirador, the General Manager of Damires Hills Tierra Verde.

Damires Hills

What I’m wearing?

Damires Hills

Ivy Shades from Fievre

Jewelry from Guess

Necklace from Tiffany & co.

Damires Hills: Rates


Entrance : 100 PHP

Swimming: 120 PHP


Standard room Garden (2-3 pax) : 2,800 PHP

Deluxe Room Heliconia (2-3 pax) : 3,750 PHP

Balay style Main (3-6 Pax) : 3,500 PHP

Balay style garden: (4-8 pax) : 4,500 PHP


Dahlia : (good for 40 persons): 10,000 PHP

Gardenia (Good for 40 persons) : 10,000 PHP

30 persons: 8,000 PHP

8-10 persons : 2,500 PHP

11- 12 persons : 3,000 PHP

Things to know

*Standard room and Deluxe Room comes with free breakfast for 2 persons

For overnight guests, free entrance and swimming.

The resort also cater for the ff:

Damires Hills

Team buildings




Special Occasions (Weddings, Birthdays, Debuts, Baptisms)

Corkage fees

No cooking, no grilling, no outside drinks allowed.

Per dish 300 PHP

Lechon whole 500 PHP

Hope you guys liked today’s feature! Go ahead and reserve your next getaway at Damires Hills Tierra Verde, I swear the experience is worth every penny! For inquiries and reservation you guys can call these nos. 033-336-9670 / 033-337-3882 / 09278541985 / 09329380113 .

By the way guys, I’m leaving for Hong Kong in a few more days and might stay there for a little while. I will try my best to blog during the trip, but just in case I’ll fail to do so, please do follow me and my travels on instagram @levyamosin instead or my daily and life updates on Facebook : Hugging Horizons!

See you all soon!

Love lots,

Levy Amosin

Travel Blogger * Style Media


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