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Ways to Promote Your Online Flower Shop

As an online florist, it would be super sweet to just place a photo of the flowers you sell and wait for the orders to come in. unfortunately, the world of online commerce does not work that way. You need to put a significant amount of effort if you want to be noticed among the hundred other flower delivery singapore cheap vendors that sell the same products as you. If you do not know any promotional technique, you can start with the basic online marketing techniques in this list.


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Search Engine Optimization

SEO—the good ole granddaddy of online marketing. Although online marketing has evolved and has incorporated various new techniques, search engine optimization is still relevant, especially in terms of search result rankings. You can achieve this by having frequent visitors to your website—mostly because of catchy regular updates like blog content. The best way is to hire an SEO specialist to make sure your website will rank. Aside from having content writers who can do all the SEO content you need, they also have tested and proven techniques that can place you best flower delivery singapore vendor at the top page of search engines like Google.

Social Media Marketing

Now this one is more on the fun side, especially if you love interacting with your customers. Social media marketing can range from setting up social media pages like Facebook and Twitter to planning all-out media social media campaigns like sales and discount events. This technique is just basically you reaching out to your customers and prospective clients. You post regular updates, mostly daily posts about your flowers, their features, and your services. You have the option to post text like explanations about the meanings behind your flowers for example. Another good example is to put pictures of your products, especially exceptionally good flower arrangement commissions.

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Online Ads

You might be hesitant to use online ads as you will have to pay extra, but they are effective in reaching your prospective customers. The old-school online ads are, of course, PPC ads. They are the ones you see at the top of your search results (with the tag “ad” placed on them) after you have keyed in your search keywords. You can also opt for promoted posts in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These platforms are great because social media users are more interactive and open to suggestions, especially if your promoted posts about you being an online florist and your super awesome products and services are interesting enough to pique their curiosity.

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