Why We Love Traveling on Rainy days? (Epic Facts)

Have you ever tried traveling during rainy seasons? Experience the unlimited confetti festival from the gloomy sky. Enjoy the legit lights & sounds show brought by lightning & thunder.

Instead of getting annoyed, why not feel the rain than just getting wet?

On this travel blog I will try to share 5 facts why some travelers love traveling during moonsoon season.

Hotel accommodations Drop and are way cheaper

Hotels are way cheaper! Promos and discounted packages for groups and family get aways are up for grab during the moonsoon season. Traveling on rainy days will allow you and your company to ulimately save more on your staycation! ***This is a thrift hack for most travelers.

Less Crowd on Tourist Spots!

Believe it or not, traveling on rainy seasons will make you feel and embrace tourist destinations exclusively! Most tourist commonly travel during summer and avoids wet season. But if your somekind of introvert, wherein you enjoy lesser company when traveling, then the moonsoon season contains the perfect dates for you.

You now have an excuse to wear that thick cover up!

For girls who are fond of buying fashionable clothes, regardless of staying in the tropical Island like the Philippones can surely relate!

Always the best cuddle weather (For couples traveling)

We can no longer deny the charm brought by the rain to lovers. It seems that the sky pours that magnetic force, pulling two hearts together. No matter how tired they are from traveling, The rain will always be the ultimate cuddle weather.

Best time for Café Hopping!

Wherever you are right now, allow Cafés & Coffee houses to warm you up during this cold season. Bring your friends with you, bring back those long chats and catch up once again! Take advantage of the rain while you still can. Relax, unwind and feel the rain even when your traveling.

I hope this travel blog did inspire some of you to embrace the rain and eventually travel during rainy seasons (Thrift hacks remember? 😅)

Keep Hugging Horizons everyone! Keep safe and be warm! 😘


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