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Downtime From the Human Race – My Top 3 Picks

Top 3 Escapes- 2 hours away from the City

Craving for another getaway to unwind and ease the stress brought by the city life, but not wanting to travel too much away from work? Check out these cool places, just 2 hours maximum away from Bacolod, Cebu, and Manila.

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Mambukal Resort – (Negros Occidental)

mambukal resort, negros occidental

Mambukal Resort is a place combining adventure and comfort. Go check the great stuff this Nature themed resort offers.

The following are the Activities provided at Mambukal Resort:

Hot mineral Baths, from the mild hot temperature of Ishiwata Bath house to the high temperature sulphur bath of Japanese Ofuro. It was seaid that these Hot mineral bath takes away tension and stress, soothes muscle pains and stimulates the blood circulation.

Recreational Activities like swimming, zip line, crossing the hanging bridge, wall climbing, and rafting can also be done in the resort.

One can also do trekking and get in touch with Mother Nature through the 7 breathtaking waterfalls.

Read more about the resort here: Rejuvenating “Neverland” a few min. away from Bacolod

Getting there:

The resort is about 55 minutes away from Manila and 30 min Away from Cebu by air with Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacifc providing Flights daily. If your coming from Bacolod City, the resort is just 32 km. Away passing through the municipality of Murcia. You can ride public utilities through the terminal located at the north western side of Libertad Public Market.


Lakawon Tawhai Floating Bar (Cadiz, Negros Occidental)

Tawhai Floating bar is located at Lakawon Island, Cadiz Viejo, Negros Occidental. Once you’ve visit this place you’ll surely can’t get enough of it.

tawhai floating bar experience

This banana shaped Island offers various unique experiences such as allowing the tourists to jump off from the 2nd deck of the floating bar and experience swimming in open water.

lakawon Island

Lakawon Island itself has that unique charm of showing off its beauty by the sand bars which are only visible during low tide and as the sun goes down.

Get the tips for first time visitors of Lakawon here: Lakawon Travel guide

Getting There:

From Manila to Bacolod:  Book a flight to Bacolod via Philippine Airlines or Cebu Pacific which usually takes 45 min.

From Bacolod to Cadiz City: via private car, it takes a 1 hour ride, if you chose to take the public vehicles. I suggest you go to the North Terminal and ride a Bus in Ceres Liner going to Cadiz City  (80 PHP / pax).

From Cadiz City to Port : You can take a tricycle (20php) to take you to the port and from the port brgy, Cadiz Viejo , ride a  Boat to Lakawon Island Resort which are provided by the Cadiz port Management, you’ll have to pay 15o PHP / pax for the pump boat roundtrip with a terminal fee of 20 PHP/ pax.


Live Fishing , Maribert Inland Resort (Pres. Roxas, Capiz)

maribert inland resort, pres. roxas capiz, philippines, hugging horizons, travel, budget travel, levy anne amosin, asian travel blogger

Maribert Inland resort is located in President Roxas Capiz, which is apparently 20-30 minutes away from the Seafood Capital of the Philippines, Roxas City.

This resort feeds into everyone’s secret fanatasy to rule over a secluded place. The place is so peaceful as if you and your companions are the only people left to enjoy the whole place.

Live fishing is also provided by this place. You can literally catch some fishes in their open “punong” and have it cooked by your personal choice of menu by the Chef in charge.


Know more about Maribert Inland Resort Here: Maribert Inland Resort- A Budget Guide

Getting there:

From Manila to Roxas City : Book a flight going to Roxas City which will just take 45 min of your time to reach the place.

From Roxas City – Pres. Roxas Capiz : Take a Ceres (bus) going to Estancia at the Roxas City Terminal or a L3 going to Lutod-Lutod. (Price :35 PHP) always remember to remind the driver to drop you at the Plaza. From the Plaza, ride a tricycle (Pay 10 PHP / pax). Tell the Driver you’re going to Maribert Inland Resort.


Also planning this quick getaway means packing things up. Here are some few tips on how to Travel light:

According to Huffington Post , you have to grab a pair of all in one shoes. Ditch the bulky Beauty products. Choose one travel outfit. Remember to roll all your clothes. Find the nooks and crannies / hidden pockets of your traveling bag.

So what are you waiting for? Go Grab some friends, take over the entire cluster of the resorts and rule this place like the unique tribes.



Levy Anne Amosin

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