Top 3 World Class Events Place in Manila (A City Guide)

The Travel Blogger’s Exchange Convention Story Part 1 -Focus: Events Place

On the 13th day of October 2016, the Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) Philippines arranged the first ever TBEXCON #AsiaPacific2016. The largest gathering of travel bloggers around the world. It was officially held in the Philippine International Convention Center (a.k.a PICC) . I must say that it has been one of the most unforgettable experience I have ever had in my entire life (I mean you know, it’s not everyday that you get to meet 400+ Travel bloggers, all in one venue and interact with them for consecutive days.) Travel bloggers are one of the awesome beings created in this world and TBEXCON was one humbling experience indeed.

Enough with the introduction. Today I am sharing the top 3 Events Place in Manila.

Top 3 Events place in Manila (A City Guide)

The Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) Philippines chose these 3 Events Place in Manila as the official Venues for the gathering of Travel Bloggers around the world! Well, I have no doubt why, Come check out the featured places in this blog and be mesmerized by it’s beauty not to mention its world class designs.

In this City Guide you’ll find the following:

  1. The Top 3 Recommended Events place in Manila
  2. Features
  3. Rates (Packages / Reservations)
  4. Location
  5. Contact Details
  6. Photos from the last TBEXCON event

*Note: All photos are mine unless stated. Please observe Copyright law (Don’t put your self to shame dear). 😉

**Events place are randomly arranged and does not indicate any ranking at all.


I. The Blue Leaf Filipinas

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Day 1, The opening Night Party was held at the BLUE LEAF FILIPINAS. The place was gorgeous, solid Filipino Festival Theme. The Tourism Board of the Philippines rented all the Philippine Festival Tribe Dancers to perform and showcase the talents of a true Filipino. Indeed it was a night to remember.


blue leaf filipinas, hugging horizons

Cheers to more Festivals!

TBEXCON Opening Night Party , a gathering of the biggest travel blogger's around the world. Hosted by the Philippines #ASIAPacific2016

TBEXCON Opening Night Party , a gathering of the biggest travel blogger’s around the world.
Hosted by the Philippines


Obligatory Selfie, I know right?!

Meet Chris Jovan and Jo An T  (One of the coolest Travelers I’ve ever met)






  1. Sinulog 
  2. Pahiyas
  3. Pintados
  4. More Function Rooms

Rates (Packages / Reservations)


The Blue Leaf Filipinas Halls is happy to offer its guests All-Inclusive Packages. Our packages are tailor-fitted to provide all the essential items needed for each type of event.


Packages for 50 to 1,000 guests also available


    Starts at Php 1,200 per person nett

    For 150 guests

    Venue and cuisine services inclusive
    (with designated caterer)

    Essential features inclusive
    (Standard Venue inclusives)


    Starts at Php 345,000 nett

    150 guests

    Venue and cuisine services inclusive
    (with designated caterer)

    Essential features inclusive
    (Drapes, Hotel Room, Wine,



    Starts at Php 305,000 nett

    For 150 guests

    Venue and cuisine services inclusive
    (with designated caterer)

    Essential features inclusive





    Belle Avenue, Aseana City
    Paranaque City
    1722 Philippines


Contact Details

+632 6239188
+632 8757550
+632 8664039
+632 8664044
+632 8664045


+63917 838BLUE



Day 3 was held here. Theme : OCTOBER FEST







  1. Casinos
  2. Dining
  3. Entertainment
  4. Night Life at Chaos
  5. Shopping




Night Life at Chaos



chaos, city of dreams






chaos, city of dreams





City of Dreams Manila

Asean Avenue corner Roxas Boulevard, Entertainment City, Parañaque 1701, Manila, Philippines


+632 800 8080
+632 890 8080


III. Raffles Makati

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*Long Bar

*Rooms & Suites

Events (Main Source : )

The perfect location for a special event – be it pleasure or business, a wedding, a board meeting, an anniversary or a gala dinner. We will make it happen exactly the way you want it. With a diverse choice of meeting and dining options, and a dedicated team available to meet your needs round-the-clock, Raffles Makati will make your special events unforgettable.

The Ballroom

The Grand Staircase offers a majestic entrance to the magnificent Ballroom and its foyer. Adorned by elegant mirror murals and gilded lighting fixture, the Ballroom is the perfect setting for lavish and talk of the town social events.

Ballroom I and II Dimensions

– Floor area without pillars: 859 sqm (9,244 sqft)
– Dimensions: 58ft (L) x 174ft (W) x 20.3ft (H)
– Dimensions: 18m (L) x 53m (W) x 6.2m (H)
– Seating capacity: 600 persons

Ballroom I Dimensions

– Floor area without pillars: 290 sqm (3,120 sqft)
– Dimensions: 58ft (L) x 58ft (W) x 20.3ft (H)
– Dimensions: 18m (L) x 18m (W) x 6.2m (H)
– Seating capacity: 204 persons

Ballroom II Dimensions

– Floor area without pillars: 569 sqm (6,124 sqft)
– Dimensions: 58ft (L) x 116ft (W) x 20.3ft (H)
– Dimensions: 18m (L) x 35m (W) x 6.2m (H)
– Seating capacity: 480 persons


Namayan sets the stage for events that are intimate, personal and exclusive. It is perfect for affairs attended by a smaller group of audience such as bridal and baby showers, family brunch and ladies luncheons, office parties and more. Buenavista and Sampiro are also available to accommodate similar types of events.

Namayan Dimensions

– Floor area without pillars: 63 sqm (676 sqft)
– Dimensions: 29ft (L) x 27ft (W) x 11.5ft (H)
– Dimensions: 9m (L) x 8m (W) x 3.5m (H)
– Seating capacity: 40 persons


Buenavista is the favoured choice for power meetings participated by a more intimate group of professionals. Ideal for boardroom meetings and interview sessions, this 55-square-meter function room can accommodate up to 30 guests. Buenavista features large glass windows that allow natural daylight to come in, perfect for emerging green meetings.

Buenavista Dimensions

– Floor area without pillars: 55 sqm (587 sqft)
– Dimensions: 27ft (L) x 34ft (W) x 11.5ft (H)
– Dimensions: 8m (L) x 10m (W) x 3.5m (H)
– Seating capacity: 30 persons


Similar to Buenavista, Sampiro can accommodate meetings and business affairs participated by a smaller group participants. Its large glass windows also allow for natural daylight to come in, highlighting the room’s elegantly designed interiors and décor. Sampiro is ideal for meetings with up to 30 attendees.

Sampiro Dimensions

– Floor area without pillars: 53 sqm (570 sqft)
– Dimensions: 26ft (L) x 24ft (W) x 11.5ft (H)
– Dimensions: 8m (L) x 7m (W) x 3.5m (H)
– Seating capacity: 30 persons


For celebratory events, we can provide:
– Special celebration packages in our luxurious suites
– Catering services for groups of any size
– Banquet arrangements for more formal occasions
– Wide range of Western and Asian menus
– Entertainment to suit every occasion

For business meetings, we can provide:
– A dedicated meeting planner
– Extensive in-house audiovisual equipment
– Dedicated team of technicians
– Creative culinary team
– In-house information technology services


Click Here for the MAP .


Click Here!


Last Oct 17, 2016 was one of the best nights I have ever had.

To be honest I’m no party girl, but TBEXCON’s closing party has awaken the party spirit in me. The lights, sounds, music, food and beverages we’re perfect. Partly the party was a bit emotional and somehow energizing. The closing party reminded of farewells and goodbyes.

The Travel Blogger’s Convention was so short that immediately, right after the party I had Separation Anxiety. I must say that the travel bloggers are one of the most awesome beings created on earth, and I did got attached to most of my new found friends . The place (CHAOS, CITY OF DREAMS) was luxurious and definitely world class, I will never ever forget that night.

tbexconph, TBEX, asiapacific2016, travel bloggers, bloggers

From the right : Edward G. Young III: Writer, Speaker, Traveler @ . Colleen Vidal: Travel Influencer / Blogger : .  Michael Taylor : Accidental Travel Writer  @ . Jo An Toledanes : Writer/ Teacher / Blogger @jrsmol *instagram . Uy Marlon : Travel Blogger @ Chris Jovan @ The Master of Travel . Dave Gatenby : Travel Blogger @, Levy Anne Amosin : Travel Blogger / Print Ad Model @ (HAHA! HELLO THAT’S ME!). Arriane Guzman : Writer/ Blogger/ Travel Photographer @ and Mark Conrad Maramag : Travel Blogger @

Thank You #TBEXCON for giving us the chance to meet with people who thinks like us. indeed as the saying goes, “Great minds think a like”.


I hope this Blog did help some of you on discovering the coolest events place in Manila. Now you know where to book your events, make it as memorable and as unforgettable like the Travel blogger’s Exchange Convention!


Keep Hugging Horizons Everyone!




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