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North, PH: 7 Places You Must Visit & Things you must do to Rediscover yourself

It has been Three (3) days since I came back from that treasured trip to the North side of the Philippines. I have been travelling since I was 4, but I must insist that this has been the most life changing trip I have ever been too. As a 23 year old traveler, this five day travel marathon on a bus, paired with great company, totally found the road to my heart. I can’t even remember how many times I cried secretly, prayed behind closed doors and laughed my heart out during this trip. There was even a time I had to take a certain medicine to ease my aching stomach caused by too much laughter. The places I have been to were as jaw dropping as the people I’ve met and I’ve been with along this journey.

Nlex Lakabay Norte , Palaui Island

(c) Martin San Diego

This trip did not only astonish me with breathtaking views and spellbinding wonders of nature but also revealed another side of myself. Indeed Travelling would take your spirit far enough to breath and discover more, not just on the subject of exhilarating surroundings but also a lot about yourself. Single or in a relationship, rediscovering yourself is a must, so for this blog post you will find the list of places you must visit and the things you must do to regain back that tremendous spirit you once had as well as to find your purpose in life. Allow my stories to inspire you on finding the real you as we journey together through this blog to some of the best & gorgeous places in the North side of the Philippines: Nueva Ecija & Cagayan North.


Let’s begin!


Nueva Ecija


1. Rafting at Minalungao National Park -Gen. Tinio – Pias


Rafting at Gen. Tinio Nueva Ecija


Be astonished as you discover yourself more with one of the most instagramable views in the country. Rafting in the Gen. Tinio – Pias showcases humongous rock formations, such beautiful scenery will not only leave you in awe but will also remind you that there are bigger things in life than your constant problems at  home  or at the office.


General Tinio Nueva Ecija


2. Farm adventures at Gen. Tino- Nueva Ecija ( PMP Paradise Farm)

PMP Paradise Farm

The following are the various activities offered by the PMP Paradise Farm: Graze sheep, feeding animals such as Carabao & Ostrich, planting and harvesting vegetables, strolling via Carabao cart ride or horseback riding. Catch and cook your fish, boodle fight & Picnic.


PMP Paradise Farm also allowed us to make our own “kakanin” which was entirely something new to me, doing the said activity made me felt like I was some kindergarten trying to color an entirely new character in a page of my favourite coloring book. At 23, I never thought I could be this child at heart. Can you imagine how excited I was while cooking my own “Palitaw”.  I’m sure it wasn’t that adventurous for most of you, but the whole experience felt like another box got ticked off my checklist.

Here’s a picture of me while making my own “Kakanin”…


PMP Paradise Farm


In connection to this, I also had a great time strolling amidst the grazing band of sheep. I can still recall how happy I was while taking photos of my favourite animal! It was like Pinterest coming to life all over again. Would you like to visit the PMP Paradise farm too? Here are some details that might help you on your trip, for booking reservation please contact: Diana Rose Cunano (Tourism officer II) Tel no: (044) 958-3010 loc 104


PMP Paradise Farm


3. Tofu at the Coffee Shop ( I Love CLT – Cabanatuan)

I love CLT, hugging horizons

Sounds like a very unique combo, same reaction I had back then. But to be honest, the coffee actually went so well with the “Devilled Tofu” (spicy tofu, tastes like sisig), not to mention it was the best Tofu dish I have ever tried so far, wasn’t really expecting to find this at a coffee shop though. After a long tiring day at the Farm, I must say that the stopover at CLT (Cafe La Tea) was perfect; it balanced that city girl aura and curious traveller in me. Honestly I never liked surprises, I always like things planned and organized, but this part of the trip made me appreciate surprises, just like how great a Tofu can be paired with a good cup of coffee!


4.Lay down on a Bohemian inspired Garden ( Crystal Wave, Talavera – Dinarayat)

Crystal Wave Resort Nueva Ecija, hugging horizons

Do I need to express this in a wordy manner? Hah! Just look how relaxing this experience can be, may it be done with friends or by you alone. Imagine yourself lying down in this bohemian inspired garden, just you and your thoughts. On other note, you might also want to tag your friends or your special one and … Pillow fight anyone?

Crystal Wave Resort, nueva Ecija, hugging horizons

Crystal wave is definitely a place you should consider staying in, when you’re in Nueva Ecija. Here are some details that might help you for your next trip: Crystal Waves Hotel & Resort is located at Maharlika Highway, Dinarayat, Talavera, Nueva Ecija. Contact no. (044)411-0834 / (0933) 863-0138/ (0932) 867-5855/ (0933) 863-0137 .


Cagayan North


5. Visit the Calvary – Iguig- Nattanzan

Calvary, Cagayan, hugging horizons

The  Calvary was another place which totally caught me off guard. I know I’ve placed this as my caption on a travel photo I’ve posted on instagram (@annetours) , but I just have to say it again. The view brought by this place was beyond mesmerizing and yes I’m lost for words.


6.Conquer the Tempestuous waves on a boat ride to Anguib Beach – Palaui Island (Sta. Ana, Cagayan)

Palaui Island Boat Ride

The boat ride to Anguib Beach was far beyond the highlight of this trip. This was the part where I got very emotional (Secretly of course, no one saw me cried during this trip. But I did actually, several times, countless tears of joy to be exact).

The tempestuous waves brought by the ocean beyond the reef, during that 45 min. – 1 hour boat ride to Anguib beach was the most passionate moment of my life. I saw gigantic waves splashing and kissing each other, I felt massive and monstrous energy pounding the boat we were in. We were all girls on the boat, at first we still had the courage to laugh and throw jokes at each other, as the whole experience felt like the roller coaster ride at some theme park, but then there came a point where most of us became silent, that very moment all I’m hearing was my heart beating, my soul breathing, it was the best moment of my life. I saw an ocean with the same color as the sky, not knowing how deep the ocean may be. Reality is that, the boat may sink, the moment all human works fail, I was supposed to be worried and panic, or even just ask the coast guards about our safety. But no, I didn’t, what I felt was different, for me that was the total gift of freedom, I must insist that moment, I found my purpose, I found the reason why I’m travelling, I found my life.


I recommend that if you would also like to experience such kind of life changing boat ride, you have to contact the people who are best in the said craft. I strongly suggest that you contact SAMOBA- Port San Vicente, Santa Ana, Cagayan, Chairman : Julius Loquing with tel no: 0935-3839878, Port Dispatcher : Evie Tayab ( 0926-1880213) and the Nagaramoan Dispatcher : Loreto Dela Cruz (0935-1306754)


7. Island Hopping, Picnic, Swimming ( San Vicente, Cape Engano, Anguib Beach, Mangrove, Palaui)


Palaui Island, Cagayan hugging horizons

The world would always surprise you with anything it has to offer, from dazzling heights down to the deepest lows. Hopping on the following Islands would not only make you look forward for immeasurable good fortune in life but would also inspire you to appreciate what’s there before your eyes.


Palaui Island


Palaui Island


For more information about the place and their day tour, please contact Sta. Ana Tourism Officers, E-mail:


This trip did not only astonish me with breathtaking views and spellbinding wonders of nature but also revealed another side of myself. Endless thank you to each and every member of #NLEXTravel – Lakbay Norte 6, whom I have been with in this trip, this journey would never be as significant, if you guys weren’t in it. It’s never too late to rediscover yourself and find your purpose. Go Re-discover who you were, who you really are and who you will be!



Levy Amosin

Travel Blogger

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  • Kat February 7, 2017 at 1:53 pm

    Excellent post, Levy, and I must say, inspiring as well! I’m still missing Philippines though am not sure yet when will I return to this beautiful country of yours. Another thing I love about this post is showcasing Philippines that’s not only beaches and islands but farms, ruins and coffee shops (OK I can’t fathom tofu with coffee!) that are also the soul of the Philippines. Thanks for sharing, happy travels, cheers! 😊

    • hugginghorizons February 8, 2017 at 11:48 am

      Hi Kat! I’m so glad you got inspired by this honest travel confession. Yes I totally agree with you! Everything about this trip was truly breathtaking. Please let me know if you’re around, I’d love to catch up with you soon! 😀 Happy travels as well! <3


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