Esplanade River Ride

ILOILO: Esplanade River Ride Boating Tips

Iloilo Esplanade River Ride is finally here! Today, together with DSCVR Visuals (Jp Saluba, Clark Jan Benagua & Vincent Vargas)  have exclusively been invited by the CEO himself , Mr. Jules Barba to experience first hand the most awaited river ride in the City of Love!

Esplanade River Ride


Being the pioneer rider, here are some helpful tips that you definitely need to know to make your river ride worthwhile!

Locate the Booth

Iloilo Esplanade River Ride

The ticket booth is located at the back part of Iloilo Esplanade near Zyrons & Coffee Break.

Get your tickets here!

Mind the Rules

Iloilo Esplanade River Ride

Each Boat is given 1 copy of the General rules.


Bring Towels

Weather you plan to go and try this by noon time, early morning or late afternoon, I still suggest you bring towels with you. The whole River ride experience is great yet tiring, you’ll have to physically exert effort on pedaling the boat and it’s not as easy as it looks. Unless you wanna go stationary in the middle of the ride, like what usual dating couple does.


Wear Life Jackets

Six (6) Life Jackets are provided by the Management per boat.

Iloilo Esplanade River Ride

(Exception to the rule though. Since we were invited exclusively, and everybody was too busy for tomorrow’s Dry run, the management forgot to give us life jackets before our pedal boat ride.)

P.s WAG GAGAYAHIN – Wear your life jackets at all times.

Always remember to ask for your Radio (walkie talkie)

Iloilo Esplanade River Ride

Before stepping on each boat, 1 radio is provided.

The walkie talkie allows the riders to stay in touch with the management or with the group during the whole ride. In case of emergency or the rider needs help the walkie talkie functions as a two-way radio transceiver for both parties.

P.S: Return the Radio to the person in charge after use. – I’ts not for take home guys. ;p


No Food and Alcoholic Beverages Allowed in the Boat

This is to avoid the random throwing of trash to the river and to keep the Iloilo River Clean.


Pedal on a Counterclockwise Direction only

 is a hand-held, portable, two-way radio transceiver


Always go where the wind blows

I had the hardest time pedaling with the DSCVR Visuals team earlier and the whole thing felt so tiring, that’s because we went against the direction of the wind. So I strongly suggest that you guys must pedal with coordination and always go where the wind blows.



  • Pedal Boat: 80 PHP / Pax
  • Private Pedal Boat (Renting the boat privately is also allowed : 480 PHP /Whole Pedal boat) *30 min. -Best for romantic dates 😀 <3
  • Electric Boat: 150 PHP / Pax *1 hour


with the DSCVR Visuals team 

  • Life jackets: 6 life jackets per pedal boat. 125 life jackets are provided by the management.
  • Pedal Boats: 8
  • Electric boat: 1
  • Radios : 20 Pcs


 The boats were uniquely customized and designed by the CEO himself, Mr. Jules Barba.

Mr. Jules Barba is originally from Estancia, a pure blooded Ilonggo, but is currently residing in California. He’s goal is to promote Iloilo City by his creative ideas and in the future, he’s vision is to lessen the heavy traffic brought by industrialism by upgrading the electric boats into means of transportation.

Mr. Jules Barba is a genius indeed.

Watch out for the Vlog by Empire studios / DSCVR Visuals during our exclusive ride. (Link will be provided as soon as the Vlog is up Live on Youtube.)


Esplanade River Ride

P.S Don’t forget to put on Sunscreen too, especially if your planning to do this noontime! I forgot to put on some earlier so, yeah you guys do it for me. 😉

By the way, for tomorrow’s Dry run make sure you have a hard copy or even just a print screen of your shared post showing the Esplanade River Ride Dry run announcement, in order to avail the free ride.

Go grab your friends! Tag your ka M.U , Pull your family together and try the most awaited River ride in Iloilo City Tomorrow for FREE!




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