remnant restaurant iloilo

Iloilo City: Green Kitchen Story (A Must Try Lifestyle House)


Eating healthy for the most of us is a chore! Why would we ever order salad if the world offers us the cheesiest pizzas, the meatiest pastas and volumes of huge Oreo deserts? the answer is simple, it’s not just because it keep us away from the hospital, but also Eating healthy is actually delicious- No lie!

remnant restaurant iloilo

Remnant Life style house!

For today’s feature you’ll find the following:

  • Featured Lifestyle house
  • Green kitchen Cuisine
  • Price Range
  • Other facilities
  • location

Remnant Lifestyle House – a.k.a Remnant Alternative Medicine Institute Inc.

Remnant has been established since 1998 (Patnubay sa kalusugan) and has been relocated in Lapaz, Iloilo for 6 years now. Remnant is in partnership with the following Government agencies: Department of Agriculture ( DA ), Department of Health (DOH) and Department of Social Welfare and Development. Their aim is to be the National Extension Service Provider  in the country.

There are only Two (2) certified Practiced Lifestyle Medicine in the whole Philippines and Remnant is one. Several awards have been bagged by this institute and one of them is the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD Holder for the LONGEST MASSAGE CHAIR.

According to Dr. Palma their aim is too instill or spread the concept of eating healthy makes you loose weight without skipping meals.

“The More you eat, The more you lose weight!”- Dr. Joel Oro Palma

with Dr. Palma the VP of Remnant Alternative Medicine Inc., hugging horizons

with Dr. Joel Oro Palma the VP of Remnant Alternative Medicine Inc.

Green Kitchen Cuisine

remnant iloilo, hugging horizons

Short Orders:

  1. Vegan Pizza : Instead of Cheese, They use Cashew.
  2. Vegan Pasta
  3. Rice Noodle Soup
  4. Arroz Caldo
  5. Rice: Available in 3 organic menu ( black rice, brown rice, and blue rice)
  6. House Sandwich * below 100 calories per servingRemnant Iloilo

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    House Sandwich

Fruit Vegetable Salad

  1. Garden Fresh
  2. Gado-gado (Indonesian vegetable salad)
  3. Pomelo Cucumber
  4. Fruit Mix

Price: 90- 100 +

Vege Fruit Blends & Shakes

Remnant Blue flower drink

Remnant Blue flower drink

  1. Green Shake
  2. Blue Shake
  3. Red Shake

Price: 40 PHP Each

  1. Herb Blend
  2. Carrot Blend
  3. Vegetable Blend

Price: 50 PHP Each

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Other Unique Menu From the Green Kitchen

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  1. Soy Milk Tofu / Soy Milk Cookies

hugging horizons, remnant iloilo

2. Soy Coffee

soy coffee, Remnant, iloilo, hugging horizons

3. Calamansi with Mint

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Other Facilities:

Organic Garden

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Lifestyle Wellness Spa

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Session Hall for Meetings etc.

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#26 Huervana Street, Lapaz, Iloilo City, Iloilo

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My Favorite!

AND THE WINNER IS…THE HOUSE SANDWICH! *imagine your self eating this everyday without loosing your hard earned body figure! for just 77 php you’ll get to enjoy this delicious meal!

*Burger patty : Made from Soy Pulp

*Mayonnaise: No egg made from Tofu

remnant iloilo

Leaving you with their slogan:

“The More you eat, The more you lose weight!”- Dr. Palma


Blogger’s sponsors:

  • Remnant Institute of Alternative Medicine Incorporated 

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Always remember to Eat healthy & Keep Hugging Horizons everyone!

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