(c) Drone shot from Lost Juan

IGBACLAG CAVE: 13 tips for 1st time Free climbers


(c) Drone shot from Lost Juan

(c) Drone shot from Lost Juan

Igbaclag cave is known to be an open mysterious cavern in the middle of the forest of Igbaclag San Remigio Antique. Way back in time, before civilization the cave is believed to be the home of the giants, an oral history which thrived in the nearby barangays. No wonder why such a story was told, passages inside the cave looked like it was carefully carved by enormous, mighty yet gentle hands.


Getting inside the cave

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To get inside the cave, we crossed an old bridge made of steel wires and cables. The bridge is hung over a 20-foot surface, it bounces every step and sways you gently as you reach the entrance. For adventure seekers this experience could be fun, yet not recommended for the faint of heart.

During rainy seasons, the trail can be extra slippery and muddy. I suggest that tourist should be extra careful when visiting this place by the wet season.

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 Thirteen (13) things you need to know before visiting Igbaclag Cave.

  1. Not for the faint hearted. Even if I had my fair share of experiences on wall climbing lessons and hiking ‘Nagpatong rock’ formation in Tanay Rizal, Igbaclag cave isn’t as friendly as my previous climbs.
  2. There are no harness and no ropes in the place.
  3. Climbing up to the peak requires a lot of bravery, guts , experiences and steady footing.
  4. You might get scratches on your way to the top, so be sure to wear trekking shoes.
  5. The passages are quite thin so be sure to bring small pouches only or you might not fit your way up.
  6. The rock surface is smooth but edges are sharp.
  7. One must exercise huge caution when navigating its passages.
  8. The cave is a humongous limestone rock surrounded by plants and trees.
  9. The cold wind and the greenery in its surroundings is definitely something to look forward to.
  10. Climbing Igbaclag will give you a sense of achievement, it’s a level up spelunking adventure.
  11. It was also mentioned that there are pygmy fruit bats that dwell in its dark chambers.
  12. You may also experience caving at the bottom part of Igbaclag also known as ‘Dark-spelunking’.
  13. The view from the top is beyond imaginable and worth every adventure you’ve been through that day.


Important note: Free Climbing is dangerous. As you can see it on the drone shot, I didn’t make it all the way to the peak that’s because I felt a little bit anxious as I was wearing improper clothes and shoes for the hike, not to mention the fact that the climb looks entirely dangerous for beginners like me. A fall from the climb could be fatal. Don’t overestimate your capabilities and always be on the safe side.



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In case you wish to do it in a DIY manner…

Right after arriving to San Remegio, head first to the municipal hall to register. Then find the tourism officer/staff for assistance.

Getting there

Since San Remegio is in the highlands of Antique here are some ways to reach the place:


Option 1

  1. From Manila you may book a direct flight from Clark to Antique ( Philippine Airlines Operates 3x/ week )
  2. From San Jose Antique you may either ride a jeepney to Sibalom.
  3. From Sibalom, ride a jeepney to San Remigio, Antique.
  4. Igbaclag Cave is located in Igbaclag Brgy. in San Remigio Antique.

Option 2

  1. From Iloilo, ride a bus to San Jose (Ceres bus can be found in Molo Terminal).
  2. From San Jose, ride a jeepney to Sibalom.
  3. From Sibalom, ride a jeepney to San Remegio. There are only two jeepney trips to Sibalom per day. You may inquire and ask the tourism officer for the exact time of operations.
  • Guide fee and registration fee – ask the tourism officer

* Rates are subject to change without prior notice. For a much guided tour and to enjoy more of what Antique has to offer, you may book a guided tour with Katahum Tours.


Thank you so much for dropping by! Don’t forget to mention “Hugging Horizons” when you book your trip with a trusted travel and tours partner. Stay safe and happy travels everyone. Keep hugging horizons!



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