Hugging horizons at Midway, Passi: Gallivanting around Visayas

Midway Fresh Market & Restaurant : Experience Panay

(A City guide) 

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Come experience Panay with me!

Literally Breathtaking! Midway is a combination of fresh market & a restaurant. Every dish served in this instagramable eatery was harvested from their own garden. Servers here picked fresh ingredients at Midway’s backyard and served them depending on the chosen dish of the customer.

Their mission and vision :

 ” To give Nourishment to travellers along life’s Journey.”

Their unique service has attracted both the local and international visitors. Not to mention their extremely breathtaking view!

See for your self ⬇️

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Are you fond of roadtrips?

Try forming a picture of a laid back day off from your stressful job, good company, and in mood for food trip.

If you think you need what’s written above, then you badly need to go unwind and visit this place!

Miday is highly recommended for relaxation venues.  “Country music in the background , friendly staff warmly greeting you , nicely arranged- organic fresh produce, crafts and food products on proud display and so much more on one side, and a chic western motif with bright ceilings and dark beams all throughout extends to the restaurant on the other side . “

It’s like heaven on earth. ❤️

Visiting this place for the first time captivated my heart and made me decide to return once more! ⬇️ (see picture below)

The place was too mesmerizing it will make you crave for more! Shoutout to my fellow travel bloggers, are you in Panay? You must visit this place and discover for yourselves! No words can surmount the serenity brought by nature and so far Midway has been one of the best venue for that.

Long drives and stop overs?

This is no ordinary stop over restaurant, this place deserves to be a priority spot and must be listed on tourist venues too.

Wake up dear! Stop dreaming, call your friends, go for a road trip and bring your company to Midway! Rediscover your strengths and weaknesses, talk, sit and laugh for a while!

Enjoy the view with good organic food and great friends around.

Be child at heart and shoo your worries away! Come visit Midway! ❤️


5 min. From Passi City proper.Midway is open from 7 A.M – 5:30 P.M. Brgy. Bacuranan Passi City

I really do hope this micro-blog did inspire you on going out and exploring life on a wider horizon, leave the city, relax, unwind and find yourself. Regain your energy by traveling.

Keep hugging horizons everyone!



Levy Anne Amosin (Annetours)

Travel writer/ blogger



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