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Fresh Culinary trip to Roxas City

Filipinos love their food and yes they definitely should!

The traditional events such as various colorful festivals , family fiesta is a combination of different culinary influences and flavors drawn from numerous cultures. In fact, the number of Filipino cuisine is a reflection of the Philippine’s rich history. 

Today I’ll be talking about my fresh culinary trip to the seafood capital of the Philippines— Roxas City, Capiz.

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This trip was made possible by non other than the amazing team of Tourism Promotions Board Philippines (TPB) who gathered a number of social media travel influencers, bloggers, writers and journalists to experience and be astonished by what Roxas City, Capiz is truly made of.

Here you’ll find a TPB inspired itinerary for your next adventure to the Seafood Capital of the Philippines.

Roxas City , Capiz #PanayLoopTour

Breakfast at Cafe Terraza


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Cafe Terraza is situated at Pueblo Panay, up on a hill where you can enjoy your coffee with an overlooking view of the whole Roxas City.

Another version of the same Cafe can also be found at the corner of Pueblo de Panay’s intersection named as Plant Farm- Pueblo de Panay where cuisines are served inside a hispanic inspired restaurant or you may also opt to enjoy a unique dining experience by the pond outdoors.

Here you may enjoy dining with a view. The place also offers a diverse array of culinary influences such as Chinese, Malay, Hispanic and some Western cuisine.

Best for road trips with family or with friends. I recommend you come here early in the morning before you begin your tour around Roxas city or for sunset chasers like me, come before the sun begins to bid it’s good bye as the moon replaces the view for earthlings under a starry night.

Location:Cafe Terraza – Pueblo de Panay, 5800 Lawa-An, Roxas, Philippines

Sacred heart of Jesus Shrine, Pueblo de Panay

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Another stop you can take. Here you can light up candles as you pray and devote your self to our dearest Creator. People would usually come here during the Holy week and other religious events for that matter. Getting here would require you to bring your own vehicle or take a public tricycle to reach the top. A giant image of the Sacred heart of Jesus awaits on top of this hill.

Location: Dinggina Lungsod ng Roxas, Lalawigan Capiz

Ang Panublion Museum

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Here you’ll find the well kept collections of the Roxas clan.

A house around the corner was also said to be the birthplace of Manuel Roxas.

Most historical artifacts of Capiznon people or the locals of Roxas Capiz are to be found here.

You may also take some leaflet illustrating maps featuring the whole Roxas Capiz in this museum (If you’re looking for a hard copy guide around your spontaneous tour, then I suggest you drop by this museum.)

Location: Legazpi Street Roxas City, Capiz

Lunch at Palina Greenbelt Eco-park Roxas and Cadamihan River tour

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A super unique experience for metro people like me. Imagine you and your loved ones having lunch with fresh seafood at the table, like crabs, baked oysters, shrimp, fish and a lot more while being serenaded by local Capiznon singers in a floating ‘Kubo’ (floating cottage) and a tour around Cadamihan River.

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As you begin enjoying your sweet fruits after the main course, an educational demonstration of how crabs are caught and oysters are manually multiplied is being taught by a local Capiznon aboard your floating cottage.

I’ve never had anything as authentic as this experience in Panay other than what Palina Greenbelt Eco-park gave us that day. It was wholesome, serene, very much intellectual and scrumptious tour.

Highly recommended for Family gatherings and Big ‘barkada’ getaways.

Location: | Sitio Cablatan, Barangay Cagay, Roxas City, Capiz Province, Philippines

Pan-ay Church (Biggest Catholic Bell in Asia, casted from 70 sacks of coins)

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TPB took us here to witness the biggest Catholic Bell church in Asia. To see it for ourselves we had to climb the stairs inside a tower full of bats (Don’t worry, a tour guide will be present while you’re on your way to the top of the tower, everything’s safe.), a tall dimmed tower with a sunlight peeking on top of it, asking every curious heart to discover the biggest bell in Asia. 

Location: Iloilo East Coast-Capiz Rd. Panay Capiz

Snacks Holy Grounds Cafe

The Holy Ground Cafe is found in front of the Pan-ay Church. Your choice if you want to enjoy your sweet sticky rice with a hot cup of pure chocolate or a native coffee prepared by locals.

Best Hot choco by the way! 

Singuin (Fish Harvest Experience)

Singuin Fish Harvest Experience in Capiz

Singuin Fish Harvest Experience in Capiz. Printscreened from my IG boomerang

Something that will make your hearts beat fast. Have you ever tried catching milk fish with your bare hands? That’s what Singuin offers! 

Here the tourists or travelers may choose to harvest their meal for the evening, may it be fish or crab. Crab harvest and crab tying demo is also presented by locals here before you head to dinner. It’s like a ‘farm to table’ experience, only that this time you’ll harvest live fishes and crabs before you devour them on your plates during dinner. 


The Singuin Experience isn’t open for the public yet. The Operators said that they are formally opening this to the public anytime this 2019. As for alternative, you may also have dinner in Bay-bay Roxas Capiz where fresh seafood cuisines are served in huge portions, not to mention the sound of the waves while you dine and the view of the beach.

Our one day tour of Roxas Capiz ends here. If you’re wondering how I feel about this trip, I’d have to insist that this is one for the books. As someone who was born in Metro Iloilo yet was raised in Manila, following this itinerary will open your hearts to immerse your self to more cultural based trips and not just go spend time on random tours with taking photos for social media as your main goal.

Go beyond that, travel should make you grow as a person. I mean, what I’m saying is, this trip totally enticed me to go beyond what’s mainstream and involve my self with locals. Get to know how they live and understand the deeper meaning of the language they speak, what their hearts are composed of, how cuisines are cooked and know the history of a wonderful tale behind every mouthwatering dish in the Seafood Capital of the Philippines.

Stay tuned for my next travel blogs as I share more delicious tales about Capiz: A Panay Loop Tour.

Stay safe during your adventures!




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