Cheap and Free things to do in Hong Kong

It’s summer again and I’m sure a lot of you is in search for places to visit either around the Philippines or outside our country.

Hong Kong has always been on top of the list of every Filipino but a lot of us have also been aware that Hong Kong is one of the most luxurious place to live and far from being the cheap place to reside in.

However we don’t have to be alarmed even if you’re down to your last dollars during your visit. Along with Hong Kong’s overflowing luxurious lifestyle comes a prosperous list of cheap and free things to do.

Today I’ve rounded up the free activities, historical sites and outdoor spots to keep you exploring this beautiful travel destination every single day of the week, without spending a single centavo.

Almost free’ activities
1. Happy Valley Races

Allow me to begin with the list of the ‘almost free’ things to do in Hong Kong. Have you heard about the Happy Valley Races? Horse racing is a huge deal in this beautiful city, this also is the only sport on which Hongkongers can lawfully bet or play. September to July is the race season and each race can only cost 10$ to enter.
One of my expat friends from the city said that there are fabulous events every Wednesdays and you may join the party along with other Hongkongers. To complete the experience, I suggest that you come over the beer garden for some ice-cold cocktails too!

Location: Happy Valley Hong Kong

2. Boat trip in Tai O

Spot pink dolphins in real life! Here you can hop on a 30 min. boat tour for 25$ only.

Tai O is a picturesque fishing village in Hong Kong, not to mention very instagram-worthy too! Here you can hop on a 30 min. boat tour for 25$ only! Vessels here can take you through the village to wonder at the mannered houses that have been styled and labeled as the ‘Venice of Hong Kong’.

Location: Tai O, Lantau Island Hong Kong

Free Historical sites

10,000 Buddhas Monastery

Open from 9:30- 5 PM daily. There are 431 steps bringing you up to the monastery, lined with humongous, gold-painted Buddha statuettes, each amusingly unique from one another. Once you reach the Man Fat Sze, you’ll be mesmerized by 12,000 more golden statues, as well as dazzling pavilions and pink rose colored pagoda – not to mention the postcard-worthy panorama of Sha Tin and its high surrounds.
Location: 221 Pai Tau Village, Sha Tin ,Hong Kong


Ha Pak Nai
A lot of you may have noticed my obsession with sunsets. Sunsets are romantic and magically calms my soul and inspires my spirit to live more than just exist in today’s complicated world. On your next visit to Hong Kong, I am giving you the perfect date spot that won’t break your wallet.
Recommending you to visit Ha Pak Nai. Picture perfect and a shallow beach in the far northwest New Territories bordered by lovely mangroves where you can watch the sun glow, transform colors and admire the hues of nature as it slowly go down over the glistening water. Magical.

Location: Lau Fau Shan Yuen Long Hong Kong

Important Transportation Tip

To avoid long lines at the bank or ATM machines and Money Changer outlets, I suggest you book Uber in Hong Kong.

See you on my next blog post. Happy Travels!

Levy Amosin

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