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Baguio City: Authentic Igorot Cuisines (City Guide)

List of Cordilleran Themed Restaurants

Just this year, I had a long staycation in Baguio City with my family. A cultural trip like this one should always be sealed with the best food offered in town and one way to discover culture is through cuisine!

For today’s feature, I will be sharing some of the best restaurants in Baguio that serves authentic Igorot cuisines.

In this City Guide you will find the following:

  • Name of Restaurant
  • Igorot Cuisines
  • Price range
  • Location

**All photos are mine unless stated.

The Farmer’s Daughter Restaurant

the Farmer's daughter Restaurant Baguio
This place is surreal! The restaurant is made of strong woods which contributed much to the Cordillera Theme the owners wanted to portray.

The menu of the restaurant is writen in a chalk board hanged in their walls.

The ambiance of the place serves as an instrument that bridges the gap of the Cordilleran Culture and the Modern world.

Igorot Cuisines:

What I tried during my stay?

  • Sinengdiw jen Baka (A meat course a.k.a “Aapag”) -Boiled beef ribs served with vegetable & Native Baguio Rice. All for 90 PHP only!
  • Pinikpikan (“Aapag”) – a flavorful chicken dish with smoked meat & vegetable + Native Baguio Rice. All for 90 PHP Only!

Trivia: accdg to

Pinikpikan is a famous dish served in the Cordilleras of a live beaten chicken. It is usually salty in taste and mixed with other vegetables such as cabbage. Usually served with rice and it is eaten on a banana leaf.

Farmer’s Daughter Restaurant

Check out their Menu List for the Ultimate Cordilleran Cuisine Experience!

Farmer's Daughter Restautant

Farmer’s Daughter Restaurant

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Price Range:

Cheap Eats- Mid Range


Tam-Awan, Long long;2600 Baguio City Philippines

The nearest Land Mark of The Farmer’s Daughter Restaurant is the famous TAM-AWAN VILLAGE.

Tam-awan village Baguio

Cafe Yagam

***Photos are from Cafe Yagam’s facebook page


Authentic Igorot Dishes + Arabica Coffee

Price Range:

Cheap eats- Mid range


25 J Felipe street. Gibraltar, Baguio City

Pop and Mac Cafe

***Photos are from Pop & Mac Cafe Facebook Page

Cuisine: Igorot / Cordillieran Dishes-

Specialty Kinuday (Smoked Meat) 
Price range:

cheap eats- Mid range


59 Upper Diego Silang, Baguio City

baguio City
Leaving you with some beautiful scenic shots I took from My last trip to Baguio City! Enjoy the rest of the Photos!

I hope this blog did help most of you! Enjoy your next Cordillieran Restaurant Hopping! Come visit the north side of the Philippines,  Igorot Cuisines are Must Trys! 🤗✈️🌏

baguio city
Baguio City, Mines view park

**Disclaimer: The one’s mentioned above are only few of the many Restaurants which offers Authentic Igorot Cuisines, if you think I missed some, please feel free to comment your suggestions below. I’m very much willing to review them and add them up to the list soon!

Happy Travels & Keep Hugging Horizons!



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