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5 Best Small Towns for a Romantic Getaway

Each year thousands of enamored couples look for a place where they can forget about routine, stressful work, and other people. A romantic getaway is extremely important both for newly made online singles and experienced couples, and their choice influences on the impression they will get. There are dozens of destinations like Paris or Venice that seem to be made for two loving hearts, but they’ve become overcrowded and loud tourist centers long time ago. Therefore, we recommend you to investigate the white spots on the map – the most romantic small towns: magnificent, glorious, and quiet.

Lambertville, NJ, USA

Everybody dreams about visiting New York, but they also know about its classical big city’s extreme conditions. Set aside a visit to New York and dive into peaceful atmosphere of Lambertville in nearby New Jersey. It is divided on two banks by The Delaware River and stands out for cute traditional architecture. The population of Lambertville is almost 4 thousand people which makes it one of the best small towns in America for a romantic trip. Enjoy the local coffee shops, antique shops, and picturesque riverside.

Bruges, Belgium

romantic trip
One of the most beautiful Belgian cities has attracted many tourists for the last years. Nevertheless, to avoid crowds and annoying tourists, visit the city in autumn or spring. Its magnificent medieval architecture, stone houses and majestic cathedrals will remain in your memory for many years. Investigate Bruges on foot or on bikes. There is a channel that goes through the whole city, which makes it more beautiful, especially in the dark.

Cambridge, England

There are a lot of beautiful small towns in England for your romantic trip. But there is something sophisticated and thrilling in discovering the spots where the most gifted people were taking their steps to eternal glory. Cambridge is not only the most luxurious educating center, but also a great place for a weekend for two. Enjoy the university museums and picturesque gardens, feel the spirit of students’ life in amazing buildings. Tropical islands are good, but if you wish to distract from mainstream, visiting Cambridge is a must.

Taormina, Italy

romantic trip
Many travelers admit that the world’s highest concentration of most romantic small towns is in Italy. Indeed, this county is extremely popular for adventurers, gourmets, families with children, backpack tourists, and enamored couples of course. The last ones are attracted to small villages on the seaside because of quite obvious reason – nothing is better for a romantic getaway than a vacation by the sea. Taormina is one of those. This Sicilian town is located on a clifftop where you can observe the best views of the island, including Mount Etna – the largest active volcano in Europe. Among Taormina’s sights are also numerous of ancient ruins and finest restaurants that offer unbelievably delicious masterpieces of Italian cuisine.

Lourdes, France

As well as Italy, France is the greatest choice for couples that search for peace and pure romance in their vacation. The French countryside and small towns are praised in numerous of travel guides, so it is very difficult to choose the only one among small towns in France. Nevertheless, we finish our article with this unusual spot. Lourdes is located in the foothills of the Pyrenees and stands out with its exquisite small town’s view with small houses, river Gave de Pau, and mountains around. But there is also a thing that makes this place a center of pilgrims. Here is the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes – the place where one of a Marian apparition took place in 1858. Considering its huge religious and cultural importance, Lourdes is the finest place to rest from rush and bustle with your significant other.


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